Summer Job Ideas

<p>I was just wondering if any of you had some ideas for interesting summer jobs. I already volunteer quite a lot and wanted an actual paid position for the summer between my junior and senior years. What kinds of jobs have/will your kids had/be having? Thanks in advance! =)</p>

<p>American Chemical Society project Seed</p>

<p>During the summer, students work in the laboratory doing hands-on research guided by a scientist-mentor. Project SEED is for the student from an economically disadvantaged background with an annual family income below $32,000 or does not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for family size. Exceptions can be made for incomes of up to $44,000, depending on family size and circumstances.</p>

<p>Students who have not graduated from high school are eligible for the Summer I program, and those returning for a second summer of research may participate in the Summer II program.</p>

<p>Location - The student should be a commuting student, except in those cases where the institution (college, university, industry, or government lab) can provide room and board and appropriate supervision at no cost to the student.</p>

<p>Stipends & Duration of Program - Summer I students should receive a minimum of $2,275 and Summer II students a minimum of $2,600. Both programs expect at least eight weeks of participation at approximately 40 hours per week.</p>

<p>I'm going to work as a pharmacy technician in my local eckerd - you might be too young for that job, but when I was your age I worked as the cashier.</p>

<p>Daughter worked every summer in high school as a camp counselor. for some extra money she also came in earlier and stayed later to be bus counselor. Made good money great tips, built up a parent network where she also baby sat for some her campers.</p>

<p>This summer both my sons (16YO and 19YO) will be working at a Family Camp. The oldest one is working in the kitchen, and the youngest will be on maintenance staff. I'm thrilled that my youngest will be learning to clean bathrooms.</p>

<p>I work at a grocery store as a checker/video clerk during the summer. Pay isn't bad, but could be better.</p>

<p>I also just noticed that a local library district was hiring circulation librarians for $10.10 an hour. Only a HS diploma is required.</p>

<p>Also, if pay isn't important, look into an internship. Starting soon, I will be interning at a local news talk radio station (KMOX). Since I'm going into journalism/media, this will be a great experience,</p>

<p>thanks guys!
I'm fine with any kinds of cashier I'll look into this.</p>

<p>If your not 18 it may be harder to become a casier, though due to alcohol and tobacco sales my store you have to be 18.</p>

<p>movie theatres don't sell alcohol or tobacco and often need cashiers</p>

<p>Good a cinema, though, you won't just be checking people out at the concession stand. You'll be selling tickets some nights, and others you will be cleaning toilets! (at least, that's how AMC does it)</p>

<p>I was a classic dishwasher for two years in high school. I've always wanted to go to college and that job strengthened my ambition tenfold. And once you work in the back of the house at the restaurant, you can never look at restaurants the same way again. I also have much more respect for the workers....crap wages, rude customers, very busy work, etc. If I could do it over again I may have went into retail, but no cashier jobs.</p>

<p>hmm...Yes many of the stores around here allow 16 year olds to work at the cash register...some do not. I guess department stores are also an option. It's just very hard to find work that's interesting and I'd really like to.</p>

<p>For my son, when he's 15-16 I'm going to see if he can assist a professor at a local college (not sure if this will work, we'll see!). Maybe something in an academic environment would look good on your college resume?</p>

<p>A thought! Good luck! :-)</p>

<p>I might be a research assistant this summer with a professor at a local university. I also will be continuing to volunteer. I guess at this age it's just hard to find a job that is stimulating AND is something I can do. Most places want older kids to apply - not 16 year olds. </p>

<p>I don't want to be doing something that doesn't interest me. Does anyone have a child who was actually given an opportunity to do something that's still academic and fun, while getting paid? Sounds like a long shot...=(</p>