Superbowl and Madonna

<p>Not a Madonna fan, but enjoyed the show. Especially since a good friend of D is interning with the lighting company that did the halftime show. He's a brilliant lighting designer, so we're happy for him to get such a break.</p>

<p>The male dancers who accompanied Madonna were awesome!</p>

<p>I noticed it. </p>

<p>I never cared for MaDonna, so I'm probably biased. But I thought she looked like a 53 year old woman trying to look 20 something and failing. As a 50 something, it kind of made me cringe.</p>

<p>She caught herself from falling at least three times. So bad, I had to leave the room. She is lip synching, all she needed to do is pretend to dance. C'mon!</p>

<p>I think that Steve Tylers horrendous rendition of the National Anthem a few weeks back, helped to bring down our expectations as to what constitutes entertainment at a football game.</p>

<p>The railing looked like if she had gone down all the way to the "floor' she could have slipped through but maybe there was some plexiglass or something that would have stopped that. I guess I didn't think of that but was just thinking if she fell off the riser vs catching herself.</p>

<p>I just looked again, it's more of a railing, but couldn't tell if there was something solid under the railing.</p>


<p>I DON'T WANNA SCORE... crap.</p>



<p>So many caption options possible for that play!</p>

<p>Yes, yes, yes!!!</p>

<p>Better be lucky than good. Un petit champion.</p>

<p>What a dismal football season this has been. Bama, the Giants, and the Heisman. Glad this mediocre year is over.</p>

<p>i thought the half time show was far better than i had expected. i was pleasantly surprised!</p>

<p>Well, it's a good thing I enjoyed the halftime show because I am certainly not enjoying the final score!</p>

<p>Quote: Loved every minute. Sheer genius. Not usually a fan of Madonna but honestly she was outstanding. </p>

<p>I agree. She showed who's boss. At 53. Yep, this is a tough crowd. One of the best shows yet.</p>


<p>Tom Brady had the grace to give the other team credit, unlike his coach, or the poster-king-of-sour-grapes on this page.</p>

<p>So what's the verdict? Did she sing live or lip-synch a pre-taped show?</p>

<p>I was complaining that Madonna was lip-synching and my wife said that's how she does a lot of her performances. IF that's true (I don't always believe what my wife tells me), I don't like it. It takes some of the authenticity out of the performance. I was a little underwhelmed by Madonna's performance but would definitely agree it was better than last year. This 53 year-old is in great shape but her dance moves, as to be expected, have deteriorated imho.</p>

<p>I heard she sang with a pre-taped show. So her mic was likely not live, and she was singing, but what you were hearing was pre-taped. </p>

<p>I absolutely loathe lip-syncing. I hope to God I never find out any of the many concerts I've been to over the years were lip-synched.</p>

<p>I thought that the show over all was very well designed and performed. Madonna's part in it was feeble. But I've never been a fan. At least she was clothed.</p>

<p>I expected better moves from someone who keeps in such good shape, she couldn't hold a candle to Tina Turner at the same age. She should have worn lower heels and been more free to move, her performance was tentative & overly staged.</p>

<p>Great show! But then I'm a Madonna fan from the 90s...</p>

<p>There's no reason she still couldn't be BIG if she could only get good material. She can still sing and dance and put on a great show. The popularity of Lady GaGa shows that there's a segment of the country that likes that sort of crazy.</p>