Syracuse Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

I called because I still haven’t heard and they said I’d hear in couple of weeks, we have only a couple of weeks till we have to commit somewhere and I can’t even weigh all of my options without Syracuse! This is crazy

My daughter walked away and committed to UIUC IN STATE. less money great school. We got almost 0 dollars in aid from Syracuse we appealed still no response and to be honest I would need at least 40K for it to work. She didn’t want to risk the option of not getting into her preferred Dorm Hall, as you know it’s first come first served.


Same here we committed to UIUC. The exciting has now shifted.

We have not heard anything on our FA appeal either. D had started the enrollment process at another university she is excited about and half the cost of Syracuse. I cannot for the life of me understand anyone who would pay $77K to go there or anywhere else for that matter. Happy to walk away with money in our pockets. LOL! I can imagine them laughing at folks who are full pay.

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got admitted !


Congrats!!! You’ve certainly been waiting long enough to hear!! Very happy for you!!

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thank you so much this has to be a dream


CONGRATS!!! @Jacques34

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thank you

i still dont see a financial aid package should i email the financial aid office about that

The excitement of being admitted seems to die at the FA office.


YAY!!! Your patience was focused! Congratulations! My son will be there for BFA Acting in Fall 21!


WELL DESERVED, congrats buddy


Very deserving. Congrats and I hope that Syracuse will treat you well. They made a good decision here.

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I’ve been following your journey and just wanted to say I am so excited for you!

FA came out 2 weeks to the date after acceptance for son. Sending positive energy for a favorable package for you!:tangerine::blue_heart:


Warmest congratulations to you!

I really admire your patience and focus. You do not know how encouraging these are to me.

I have lost all of that I think, by now. I have been admitted to Syracuse (early waves of admission) but for some urgent reasons, I am unsure yet which final choice I will make by May 1. I have never been more unsure in my whole life.

I just want to thank you because your posts remind me to stick to the bright side of things. To keep waiting…
To hang on and on and on!

All the best to you!


F*** YEAH BABY!!! Congrats @Jacques34 !!! Way to hang in there!!! #jaques34syracusebound


thank you. there were times were i felt like i was running out of patience but i reminded myself to not give up until its over. I’m glad that i was able to have a positive influence on you thank you


YES! Told you to have faith… :slight_smile: Very happy for you… Congratulations!!!

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