Syracuse Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

I’ve reached out by phone and email and have just gotten the same response. My package still processing and apparently the aid only comes out once a week, although they haven’t seemed to stick to that theme so far with other students getting aid on random days. I want to go so bad, with my merit scholarship and estimated price, they’re my cheapest and best option but I’d really like to know my financial aid for sure before I commit : (

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I totally understand. My child is a second year student there and they’ve always been responsive. They must be overwhelmed with the influx of applicants/admits. Still no excuse though and are requesting a decision by May 1st.

Just a heads up, many people have been getting packages that do not line up at all with the Net Price calculator.

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Significantly lower? I made a post on Reddit and most of the replies said that the net price calculator was either accurate or they got more than expected. I hope it’s the same for me. I really want to go, but my efc is 0 so I can’t afford it if they don’t give me any aid. I got in on the 19th and still haven’t heard back.

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If you look through this thread, it appears that financial aid has been bad, but I could be wrong!

I hope things work out for me. I am ready to commit to Syracuse and am willing to take out up to around 15k in loans but I really can’t do more than that. My NPC estimated I’d be paying around 10k.

Good luck, I hope it all works out!!

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I’m a bit confused. My daughter received a notice from the Financial Aid office to look at MySlice. She received a grant called an “Orange Distinction Award,” but no mention of any other Financial Aid in terms of loans, work study, etc. She did not receive a Merit Award in her Decision Letter and we filed an appeal for that since she received good merit Scholarships from all the other schools. Is the “Orange Distinction” grant her Financial Aid package and our Merit appeal is still pending? Or is it a Merit Award in response to our appeal and the Financial Aid package is still pending? I haven’t been able to get a clear answer. Unfortunately, the grant isn’t enough for us to cover the cost and I’m heartbroken for her if this is the bottom line. She loves Syracuse. Thanks for any insights.

It could be an award to substitute for a grant. Log into MySlice under Financial Aid to see.

insdiego - I appealed the Merit Award that my DS got and they added the “Orange Distinction Award” like for you guys. So I don’t want to talk for them, but my feeling is that it’s all what you’ll get in terms of Merit. As for need-based financial aid there might be something they’re working on, but it’s clear from reading the posts on this thread that they are overwhelmed with the situation.

Yes, very clearly overwhelmed. I’m disappointed to hear that it likely is the only support she will receive outside of taking on a tremendous amount of debt. I had hoped that she might get some sort of merit dollars on top of the Orange Distinction grant so we could at least THINK about how we could swing it. Best of luck to your son!

Thank you, @NJdad07746 . It is listed as a grant in MySlice under Financial Aid, but I wasn’t sure if she might still get more from our Merit appeal. From others on the thread, it doesn’t sound too promising. I guess I will grit my teeth and call Financial Aid again just to be sure I’ve pursued every option and have all the information. I’ll let you know if I get any new info!

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@pennyroyalty NO! Our calculator was WAY off.

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we don’t qualify for financial aid, but hoping to receive a grant or merit award. Will grants and merit awards show up on the financial aid page in “myslice”? Currently the financial aid tab only says " you have no financial awards at this time" for 2022

Yes, that’s where grants and other awards will show on MySlice.

Should we receive nothing (aid or merit/grant) would SU tells us we get nothing?

The very least you would be entitled to is the $5500 loan through the government and that would show up on MySlice also.

Yes, it was on “MySlice” and we were notified via email by the Financial Aid office to check the MySlice portal.

Students who received Merit Scholarships were notified of such in their Decision Letter. Since my daughter did not receive notice of any Merit Scholarship in her letter, she contacted her Admissions Counselor and requested reconsideration. Today I spoke with both Admissions and the Financial Aid office. They both confirmed that the “Orange Distinction Award” was given in response to my daughter’s Merit appeal.

The Financial Aid office went on to explain that they are still putting together the need-based Financial Aid package for her. I am hoping this will help because the Orange Distinction Award is not enough to make the tuition affordable for us. But, like many of you, I’m sure, we fall into that category where we often don’t qualify for need-based support, but can’t afford it nonetheless. The Financial Aid office is, of course, overwhelmed and backlogged with so many financial status changes and told me her Financial Aid package may not reach us until next week sometime. Good luck!


Yes that’s the problem for many families considering Syracuse’s price tag…even if your revenue is considered high by FAFSA standards, a full price of 70k/year is just not feasible for most.


Very true. We don’t qualify for need based financial aid but $70k is just too much.