Syracuse Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Our DD received the VPA Leadership Scholarship, which was significant, but Syracuse was still outside outside our budget, so we appealed and she received an additional $5K Orange Distinction Award. Today we logged into MySlice and clicked on the awards one more time before making a decision. The Leadership Scholarship says it “will renew for four years,” while the Orange Distinction Award says “is renewable for future years.” Semantics! What does this mean? Will see if anyone answers at the Admissions office today, but checking here to see if anyone knows. We’ve heard about bait and switch offers from universities and concerned we don’t really understand if she’ll receive the $5K Orange Distinction award every year. Anyone here have experience with this one?

When I appealed my aid, I also got the $5k merit aid. They told me that I would get it every year, no questions asked. I don’t think it would hurt to call and double check, though!

We are exactly in the same boat. DS got a VPA Leadership Scholarship award and when I appealed, we got the extra Orange Distinction Award. It’s 5k/year renewable every year for four years - assuming minimum GPA etc…So I would not worry about it not getting renewed, unless your daughter bombs her classes.

My D is still on waiting list–has anyone heard of anybody getting off the waitlist this year?

I am following another thread specific to the waiting list applicants. It does not appear anyone has heard yet.

I am in that group too–was hoping that at least some people would get off the waiting list! My daughter is a film major

Waiting here too for music education/performance. Hoping that since the May 1st deposit day deadline has passed, that they will begin to make decisions from the waitlist this/next week! Fingers crossed!

I think Syracuse pushed their date back to 5/15 because some people didn’t get their financial aid packages until last week. I’m not sure they even got all of them out yet! I’m guessing waitlist will be pushed back for that.

Geez! Genuinely can’t understand how they could not have the financial aid packages done! So it sounds like those on the waiting list will potentially have to wait even longer.

We got the financial aid pack but it was very little. We declined the offer last week. Hope someone will get off the waitlist.

Still nothing from financial aid. Should I be concerned? I’m very low income and would like to know soon. I’d hate to wait any longer and it still not be enough.

Still nothing from fin aid for us either, i mean there was an email saturday saying they were working on it & wed have it by the 15th. We went ahead and made a deposit at Ohio State on Friday bc we had not heard anything, but it being the last day to do that, she will be lucky to get any kind of decent housing now & if SU does come thru, then we wasted the deposit money. Really getting frustrated bc this is Ds first choice, she really wants to do the discovery program, otherwise I wouldnt even care that its not done and would of told them where to stick it. Shes even talking about a gap year now if Ohio State cant get her into housing. I really cant take this stress anymore, i have a bad heart & have had chest pains for the last 3 weeks every time we look to see if its there & then see its not. Calling has done 0 good for us, they say itll be there- keep waiting for an email & act all irritated you called. Then emails are even worse, it takes 3 days to get a reply and then its just generic responses without them even looking at her file. There really isnt any excuse whatsoever for them not to be done with the packages by now. If this was my decision and not Ds, it would have been made when she didnt get her package after being accepted and waiting a month, but now were sitting just shy of 2 months. I dont know what to do anymore except just lay in bed and sleep until we finally hear something

I have been very disappointed in the responses from SU for both FA and admissions. We finally received my child’s FA package on the 28th and received zero aid (we are in a middle tax bracket, with no assets and special medical circumstances). We appealed and did receive a tiny bit on the 30th, but then requested an extension on the commitment date from admissions so that we can go over all of our options as SU is my child’s first choice…we also have sent emails to the financial aid counselor and received nothing back. My child received an email saying his financial package was complete, so no he would not be given an extension. I know from others that a letter went out to some students saying if they did not receive their package by the 26th, their commitment deadline would be extended until the 15th and if they did ultimately choose SU, they would give a $1,000 credit. I am so disappointed that they can’t at least hide the favoritism so those kids who were accepted and did not receive special circumstances, don’t feel so devalued.

I guess I’m confused. How would it be favoritism? You’re middle income, so its not crazy to assume that you’d receive no financial aid. I’m more concerned for low income students that still have not received any kind of communication. I’d recommend you speak to admissions about appealing the decision to not receive any merit aid. My financial aid still hasn’t been completed at all, so although its unfortunate, at least you’re not still stuck waiting.

I did not mean favoritism for the award amount. That I totally understand as it is their prerogative for how much aid they give…although I am a little surprised because our EFC was pretty low. I meant for giving extensions to some but not others on the acceptance for admission deadline. Someone from financial aid told me the problem is parents talk because they did not give the same offer of extension and credit to everyone waiting for financial aid, only a select few, and that was not supposed to be known. That to me is where the favoritism comes in. I actually also understand that as well, but they should take care to make all accepted students feel valued. We only got our financial aid at 6pm on the 30th and only saw that by clicking on MySlice every few minutes. Communication did not come until yesterday that the award was ready. In the meantime, he was not granted an extension for accepting the offer of attendance and was told he had to decide on the 1st (Saturday). I am absolutely heartbroken for those still waiting and hope they can get an answer soon.

Got my aid package and it was amazing! Cuse 2025🍊


Did everyone finally get their aid package and anyone have luck with appeals? We are a family with high EFC and still waiting to hear. I’m expecting very little to none which will be heartbreaking.

We got too little and had to decline the offer. Love the school but it’s just too much to come up 70k a year.

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Hey guys! I just got off the waitlist for the The Whitman School of Management and they told me I have 10 days to decide after they send me my official acceptance. They said they would send my financial aid in between that time and if not I can ask for an extension for my response.

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Congratulations! Is this where you plan to commit?