Syracuse v. Texas - Communications/Film

<p>Hey all.</p>

<p>So its down to decision week for me and schools. I am cutting it close. Just flew back from my last visits (incl. Syracuse...Texas was early April) and I have boiled it down to 2 choices for school. I intend to major in Radio/TV/Film at the communications schools in one of these fine institutions. But I am unsure which one to pick. I was wondering anyone's opinion on the matter or any pros/cons you might have for me.</p>

<p>Important Factors: (Obviously I won't get all I want, so I'm going to have to make sacrifices)</p>

<p>Student Body I am a California kid born and raised in Los Angeles county so I am looking for a student body/community for college that I can fit in easily. I know that Syracuse is predominantly Northeast kids, and Texas is predominantly Texans so I am curious about this part.
Quality of education (for major and overall) Basically, which is the better school academically for my major and overall?
Size of student body/classes - I come from a private school of 450 students but I'm not so sure if there would be much of a difference between Syracuse and Texas for this with regards to class size
Sports Pretty equal. Texas amazing football. Syracuse amazing basketball (and lax).</p>

<p>Factors that already swing one direction heavily:</p>

-Better Location - Only one direct flight needed to go home. Syracuse takes all day to travel.
-Better Weather - Syracuse is freezing and Texas is similar to L.A</p>

-Beautiful campus, the best one I've seen</p>


<p>so as of right now im actually at cuse for film however i am in vpa. if you are in vpa and strictly want to become a director or a cinematographer then vpa is right for you. newhouse is for students who are only interested in the business aspect not so much the creative part. newhouse also is less interested in the process of actually making a film or television show (you wont pick up an actual camera until your junior year).
and yes syracuse def has a gorgeous campus and i gotta say it really hasnt been that cold this year so i hope that helps with your decision</p>

<p>^you have no idea what you are talking about and posting completely wrong information.</p>

<p>newhouse is the place to be at SU if you want any part of film
you make atleast 4 videos your freshman year and focus heavily on directing and being creative.</p>

<p>^ yeah, i would not listen to her. I'm currently in newhouse as a TRF major. It's truly a terrific program that focuses on being creative and using one's own ingenuity. Just wrapped up my freshman year, and made a couple short films, so you definitely don't wait until your junior year. Newhouse allows you to focus on whatever direction you'd like...directing, writing, producing, or yes, the business/law.</p>