TAMU Class of 2025 — Regular Decision


After May 1st, do we see more admission or moves from TEAM/TEAB to full time if there are not enough acceptance?

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This is a late request, but can you tell us your stats?

nearly the same here.

top quarter of my class (Stratford High School - SBISD), 4 DC classes, 1 AP class (passed my exam), cheerleading, Girl Scouts (Silver level). GPA 6.3 weighted/3.9 not weighted.
I know people who got in whose GPA’s were low, low SAT’s. I don’t get it.

Try not to let it upset you. I made all A’s. Literally never made anything lower in my grades. My first choice was Animal Science. Second choice was Business. I got rejected (Offered PSA). I declined PSA. I decided to go the Blinn route. No sense in paying full price at a 4 year (not my choice school). Might as well save money.

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I agree. A moderator on Reddit said by accepting waitlist that is basically your decision. I wasn’t sure what he/she meant by that. IT sounded to me like you say, it hurts our chances of getting in. Not sure how or why.

I don’t know if it was in this thread or someplace else, but I saw where A&M takes where you went to high school heavily on their admission decisions. Unfortunately, for some kids, it’s going to hurt more than help to be on the bubble when it comes to class rank and coming from an less competitive high school. If you went test optional, then it may have hurt some of you guys. UGH. I HATE COVID

For the 2026 and beyond classes, make sure you know your school view and where they rank. If your school is just ok, then realize you’re going to have to beef up your resume to get full admission.

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This is good to know! My daughter attended a competitive high school in the DFW area and finished up at on OOS boarding school. She was in the top quartile with average SAT scores for A&M. She was offered Blinn Team but decided to turn down the offer. However, I’m going to be helping a couple of friends’ kids now that I’ve spent the past few months learning about college admissions. A couple of these kids are interested in A&M. Other than websites like Niche, where can I find out where a Texas high school ranks within the state? Is their a specific resource used by A&M?

If we knew the answer to that, it would be amazing

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You mentioned we should know our school view and their rank, so I thought you might have some insider info I didn’t know about :wink: I’m guessing our local DFW schools (Plano, Frisco, Prosper) are ranked pretty highly. All these high schools regularly send kids to tippy top schools and competition for top 10% is fierce.

I looked at US News and World Report. My simple google search was, “Round Rock High School US News.” This was the result.

Then I did a search of my old high school. PSJA High School

I went ahead and searched for my daughter’s high school. Search term was “Westwood High School US News.”

Then I looked at Marcus High School. I picked them at random because their band is freaking awesome.

Then looking at DFW itself, this is how US News ranks the schools.

I type this because my daughter wasn’t in the top quarter at Westwood and got a Gateway admission. Heck, Westwood at 78 National Merit Semi-Finalists, which means that they had more kids outside of the top 10 percent that were considered to be top tier kids.

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Did you submit an SAT score?

Hi there. I remember you talking about Rellis and that’s something I’m very interested in. Do you know how i get involved at Rellis and if I have to apply or anything? I got accepted to Blinn and have the courses I need to take there but on the other hand i much rather attend Rellis. Thank you!

By applying to blinn you are able to take courses at rellis. I’m assuming you chose Bryan campus as your main campus. You can take courses at both. And since you haven’t started classes yet, you can call to see if you can designate rellis as your main campus. Rellis is new and small. But it’s shiny! There’s not much out there but again, you can take classes wherever is convenient and wherever the good prof is!!! When you register for classes, you’ll see the different campuses to choose from.

Hope that all made sense. If not, message me.

Be sure to sign up for Impact camp. A lot of students like it better than Fish Camp. It will get you acquainted with some groups (mostly religious) you can join and, hopefully, you will have a good group leader that will get your group together once school starts.

Update: My son was accepted to TAMU Galveston for Marine Fisheries. He plans to attend there and change his major to Wildlife and Fisheries in CSTAT as soon as he can.


Great plan! Be sure he follows the required courses to change major. Here’s the link for requirements. Not too tough and luckily no 30 hour requirement like some majors.

I’m starting to look ahead. My DD is hs class 2022 and applying this summer. She is two people into the top 10% at competitive hs. Her two lowest grades in all of hs so far is 94 and hs doesn’t rank outside the top 10%. She has taken 4 AP classes, 2 dual credit, 3 pre Ap.
Lots of ec with leadership.
Has held positions President, VP philanthropy, and cultural coordinator, and inspiration leader of National Charity league. Hs drill team officer 2 years. National Spanish honor society, national honor society. Rodeo art finalist. Her highest SAT score is 1280 and is applying to Mays business school. What are chances if she falls out of top 10%?

You many want to move this to the 2026 thread. But Being close to the top 10% with all of her ECs is really good. May want to go test optional vs. sending in the 1280. It’s a toss up. It’s not a bad score at all, but 1300 plus would definitely send in and it’s just shy of that. Is she planning on retaking it?

Get the app in day 1. If she wants to retake for higher score, you can always submit the score later. But Mays fills up quickly so even if she’s in the top 10%, she’ll need to get her app in asap or she’ll get her 2nd choice.

Thank you, I’ll look for the 2026 thread
She is retaking May and June :crossed_fingers:t3:

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