TCU Early Admissions 2023

Does everyone waiting to hear back EA have a box on the right side of the portal saying “Update Requests” and then below it says Major Change Request. I am paranoid that may be new (but I have no idea) and I’m worried it’s new because the deferred me for Friday and want me to change my major. Can people check their portals for Major Change request option?

My son is applying EA and his portal does include the Major Change Request tab on the right side of the portal.

Thank you so much


On the Facebook live this evening, Dean Heath Einstein stated they were working on releasing the EA decisions by “late next week.”


My daughter’s portal is like that as well

Yes, that has been there all along. No worries!

Have any EAs been released yet?

I’m not aware of any EA decisions going out, Dean Einstein mentioned in an admissions chat last week that EA is on track (at that time) to go out Thursday or Friday of this week.

When are we thinking? Tomorrow?

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Tomorrow or Friday…hopefully

We are waiting on several this week. She was Deferred at end of Nov for UGA, but she was OOS for that school; so, we weren’t surprised.

I spoke to a friend who’s son has gotten admitted into UT (Texas), A&M and was deferred by UGA. I don’t know all his stats, but Georgia is increasingly tough out of state.


UGeorgia lowered its OOS acceptances to 18% this year. It’s moving to become more like UNC Chapel Hill.

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how do you know or find out? could you please share

Admission blog by David Graves.

Early Action decisions will be released today starting just after 5 PM. They will be released in batches most likely between 5:15 and 6 PM, so don’t panic if you don’t see any updates in the portal right at 5! Good luck to everyone that is waiting on their decision.


Thank you! 5pm central?

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Most likely 5pm Central

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Yes, 5 PM Central. There will be several groups of decisions being released starting right around 5:15 PM and finishing before 6 PM.


Can’t wait. Thank you so much

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