TCU Early Admissions 2023

Welcome to the early admission thread for Texas Christian University!
Expected decision date is January 1 @ 5 pm CST — no further updates available.


Hi y’all!
Congratulations on applying to TCU! While you’re anxiously awaiting your decision, I’d love to answer any questions regarding TCU, or even Fort Worth in general! I’m currently a junior horned frog and remember how stressful the weeks leading up to my decision were.

Congratulations again and GO FROGS! :frog::purple_heart:


I’m so glad I got the notification for this thread. TCU is D23’s last school she’s waiting on and I had decision day as 12/15 on the spreadsheet for EA. I have no idea where I got that day from…?

You probably have the date down because that’s when they released EA decisions last year.

@LaFinalista @DENCK2002
ED is usually the first Friday of December, with EA the following Friday. But, I’m pretty doubtful about hearing back today considering all the mail my brothers been getting is about “staying patient” and reinforcing that decisions will be out by Jan. 1st.

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The last two to three years ED was released on the first Friday of December. A reminder on instagram was sent yesterday to make sure your student portal is up-to-date because that is where they will release acceptances. But, it still said January 1 by the latest.

I was really hoping for a decision today. I’m so scared

So this application process hasn’t made me totally nuts. Nice to know. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

We were really hoping for today as well. My daughter is traveling next Friday and we want to be together when she finds out. Fingers crossed it’s soon !

ED decisions are out!


I saw ED for TCU came out today. I saw a bunch of acceptances. I applied EA, and am waiting to hear back. On TCU’s Instagram they said they were being straightforward with ED applicants either an accept or deny. While EA has defer option. Is this new for them to only do accept or deny ED? And will that impact EA acceptance rate? Does anyone know any info about EA because I know a lot of schools in the south are getting impossible to get in (Auburn, Georgia, Clemson) and deferring everyone.

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Do they ever release them ahead of the date?

When we toured we were told they have a policy of accept or deny EDs - that was in the actual admissions presentation. My daughter applied EA though - so we wait. We have been told nursing is generally all deferred from EA until they have the full applicant pool after regular decision applications are in as well.

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Good luck to your daughter! Do you know when EA is going to be released?

I know in past years it was a week after ED. I would expect this week or next week.

My oldest is a nursing major at TCU. All her friends that work in admissions have heard that EA will be released this Friday the 9th. The timing makes sense given that finals start next week and admissions will essentially be shut down from the 16th onwards…Good luck! We are hoping for a second Horned Frog in our house.

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Do you know how long after the ED acceptance letters are released are the Merit Scholarships letters sent?

Thank you so much! Good luck to your child as-well. Really hoping for an acceptance as I’ve been deferred from two schools so far.

Good vibes coming your way too!

It was like that the past few years. If you follow Dean Einstein’s Facebook lives, he talked about it in one of them. They should still be posted. Might also be Instagram. Sorry, but don’t remember the exact info from a couple of years ago.