Tennis Anyone?

<p>It's my standard practice to vacation (work from home on class prep) during these two weeks so I can watch tennis. Because the heat index was predicted to be particularly cruel, I got up expecting to take my walk while Roger Federer was breaking in Centre Court and to be back in time for matches that would be more competitive. Surprise! Alejandro Falla gave RF such a run for his money that I had to delay the walk until I finally headed out during the 4th set. I was all for RF last year, but I'm looking for a new rooting interest this year and hoping one or both of the Andys go deep into the fortnight. Also rooting for Melanie Oudin and Samantha Stossur on the womens' side. Anyone else watching?</p>

<p>We watch LOTS of tennis, including the local pro tournaments. Must be a leftover from when we watched our kids play the juniors.</p>

<p>I was surprised there were no threads during the French Open, but was too lazy to start one. Lots of upsets there; I often pull for the underdog. I see Schiavone is out already.</p>

<p>If you want lots of tennis chat, go to the pro match forums at tennis warehouse. You'll see blow by blow commentary there.</p>

<p>We have it on during our early morning coffee but unfortunately don't have much time to watch. Son played juniors too and that sparked the interest. We go to the US OPEN every year. </p>

<p>I always root for Blake and he usually disappoints me. Fish too. Would like to see Roddick take it this year...after such a heartbreaking loss last year. He's such a hard worker. And he's due. And even after his stupid book, I still miss Andre.</p>

<p>toneranger, I was disappointed to come in from my walk and find that Blake's match was done and he was out. Realistically, he wouldn't have stood much of a chance even if he won since the next round opponent is Nadal. I appreciate Andre, but the one I really miss is Sampras. I would love to see Isner and Querry do well this year also.</p>

<p>Why am I not surprised about Blake? What is WRONG with him? So much talent...but he doesn't seem to have much "fire". </p>

<p>Yes, I'm a Sampras fan too. Son was a HUGE fan growing up. He seems like a good guy and it's nice to see that he still enjoys tennis. We watched him play Federer at Madison Square Garden. And he almost won!</p>

<p>Blake seemed like a formulaic player to me. Good physical assets, good technical skills but not that one or two killer thing to put him at the very top. I look at Nadal - incredible physical assets - I think that he could win any tournament if healthy. He could be so much better by making his game more efficient - developing a killer serve would be an example. Federer - has all of the shots and he has the killer instinct. There are lots of players that have all of the technical details down but not much more.</p>

<p>I love watching Roddick play because he has so much heart. He tries hard on every point. But looking at Federer, trying so hard doesn't necessarily win you the big matches. The US has had a drought for so long a period after dominating for quite some time.</p>

<p>Goodness, Sam Stosur is out already. I was glad to see Andy Murray do well this morning, he looked a little shaky at first.</p>

<p>Switched from cable to DirectTV last summer and now I've got this Wimbledon Mix thing going (I guess they do it for all the Slams) and I missed the Murray match because I was watching Sharipova - darn! The Queen is coming on Thursday for the first time since 1977 (I actually remember watching her present the trophy to Virginia Wade), so Centre Court and Henman Hill should both be rocking for Murray that day!</p>

<p>Perhaps they should rethink that "no tiebreaker in the 5th set rule"? The Isner/Mahut match is currently 37/38 in the fifth!</p>

<p>I got dressed to walk before the heat this morning and am still sitting here watching this wonderful match. I want Isner to win, but Mahut is amazing as well!</p>

<p>Unreal, but I'll only watch until soccer resumes.</p>

<p>I'm exhausted just watching this battle. 39/38 games in the fifth set. That set has been going on for almost 4.5 hours!</p>

<p>I liked Brad Gilbert's suggestion that they send golf carts to take them back to the locker room. Isner was supposed to play doubles with Querry today, but I don't guess that's going to happen!</p>

<p>Unfortunately, whoever wins this match will be toast tomorrow.</p>

<p>wow...this is crazy.</p>

<p>53 all, soccer games are at half time.</p>

<p>Crazy. Mentally, crazy!</p>

<p>I can't believe that in the era of digital display that they blew out the scoreboard at 47 all.</p>