Texas A&M Class of 2025...After you have been accepted...Q&A

@DTxAggie the roommate has a later time slot?
Going to be honest, that’s pretty late for selection. Balcony style doesn’t fill as fast as most, but finding a full open room that late will be tough.

My daughter got 5/13 at 12:30 - during school - Is it worth pulling her out of school early or log on when she gets home?

@TamuDad15 you can do it for her, if she gives you her log in info. She’s going in as a single?
I definitely wouldn’t wait until after school.


Got a pretty late timeslot w/ my roommate as well – 5/18 at 4:30. Hopefully we can snag a Northside modular by then. Also, anyone know how long honors decisions usually take? I applied for EN Honors about two or so months ago, no news yet. WIll this be out by NSC at least (if it would even allow me to take honors sections then)?

It is senior year she can miss a couple hours and be fine. If she is in an AP class at that time, I might wait until it is over but I would definitely pull them out to possibly get a little better chance at a room. Rooms will go fast right before your eyes.


Does anyone know how many Hullabaloo Double Rooms (NOT SUITES) there are? This is the first choice for my son and his roommate with Northside Modular being their second choice. (They do not want to share the bathroom with other people.) He has the first timeslot for picking, but it sounds like a lot of people have the same timeslot. Just trying to see if this will even be possible.

Also, I have watched the videos on Phase 4. However, I am curious if it is going to be easy to see the Hullabaloo Double Rooms that may be open. Does it have them listed out by category (Double, Single, Room, Suite…) or will it just have all of the Hullabaloo rooms listed and you have to figure out which is which type of room?

Are there any differences in modular halls or are they pretty much the same? Trying to figure out a plan for when times open to pick so I know what we are doing!!!

The at-a-glance tables give a great summary of all the dorms. It shows how many room types but you don’t know how many of those are already taken by upperclassmen. From earlier posts, you already know about how some mod rooms are larger than others. With second time choice a couple of years ago, lots of first floor mod northside still available. Best wishes in getting the room yall want

I think if you click or hover on an open room, it will show details. I may be wrong on this, but during picking, only the rooms with at least one bed available are listed. Full rooms with no bed available are not shown

Edit - now I’m looking at that table and wondering if Hullabaloo holds 640 total people or 640 per type ?? Might be 640 total…

It’s 640 people/beds

FWIW, this was posted on fb regarding northside modulars. Haas is one of those dorms where the room dimensions say something like “north rooms are bigger” but you don’t know which rooms are on the north side of the building. You can probably assume it is the same for the higher floors in Haas.

“Look up the specs on Res Life for each dorm, you can see if it’s odd or even that’s longer for Neeley & Hobby & Clements. For Haas it’s numbered differently so 104-122 is longer and 123-142 is shorter.”

Is there a possibility of getting Hullabaloo or North side Modular if time slot is on 5/7 @ 12.30? Do time slots run in one hour intervals? My son said his email said he has to pick in 24 hours, not sure if we need to pick right away or wait till the 24 hour period. Thanks!

Get on and pick as soon as possible then if not happy with selection, keep checking back in the 24 hour period to see if anything opens up. Then over the summer things do get moved around and open up, so you can reselect at that time. BUT definitely don’t wait to secure your spot.

Good luck!

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@tmclanton There are 48 double rooms in Hullabaloo and there are 248 single suites ( they each have a single bedroom and share the bath in this style). I was told tomorrow 5/6 at 12:30 is the first time slot and there is 100 people plus all the disability people that get that time slot to change their assigned room if they want to. They said the first time slot is a low amount of people because they have so much to look at and as the time slots go on there are more people in them. If it is the same this year as years past, you will pick a building first and then you will see a list by room type of whats available.

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@tmclanton as well… can’t wait to hear where everyone lands! So fun… then dorm decorating time!!!

As you said before… May the odds be ever in your favor!
I am ready for this to be over!
47 minutes… lol


JEALOUS!!! We don’t go till the third day, so it will likely be Northside modulars for us. I know, I know, I’m whining and it will all be fine and he’ll survive. Who knows, maybe everyone will just forget to sign up. hahaha

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Got Hullabaloo, Double Room (they do not have to share the bathroom with 2 other people), top floor, near the kitchen and study room. So excited. I will say, I stressed way more than was necessary. There were plenty of double rooms. I am a little concerned that they are next to the trash/recycling room, but hopefully that I’ll not be too loud. So excited for them!


So my daughter got a room that she thinks she will be happy in…2nd floor HAAS (bigger room, I think) but I’m curious what happens if you can just click on Change Room to just see what’s there but not necessarily change your room. Anyone know? I don’t want this room to be deleted on accident.

Nothing happens, you can look to your heart’s content. You would have to add a room to your cart and then click reserve and exit for it to change.

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My son chose Hullabaloo too; he got a single suite. There are many spots in Hullabaloo left.


We got Hullabaloo room 274 single suite with her roommate. Located a few doors next to kitchen and elevator and stairs Anything else it is close to? Any thoughts.