Texas A&M Class of 2027 Official Thread

Yes, I also see similarities to PSA. The bonus for the Opportunity program is that you’re in CStat and a full admit. But the bad thing is there aren’t many majors offered, 40, and obviously some of the hardest to fill. PSA offers 70 majors. At least those are the numbers for 2022/23.


I don’t understand. Has he been accepted into the Corps but not the university?

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@LaFinalista agree, I’m confused.
@dts49 what was his 2nd major option? Construction Science is small, I’d think long since full.

No, not officially in Corps. He’s done several Spend-the-Night-with-the-Corps visits the last two Fall semesters and just knows the Air Force outfit he wants to join. He checks in regularly with TAMU Corps Recruiter and members in that unit. He wants to do AFROTC and serve 4-8 years in Air Force after graduation. No second major declared.

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Delete. Posted in error.

Oh man, I wish someone could read the tea leaves for you. I agree that Construction Science is probably full but with the strong Corps interest, maybe he still has a chance at TEAM/ Opportunity Majors. With a good relationship with the recruiter, it wouldn’t hurt to check in with them tomorrow and reiterate how much he wants to be there.


Thanks, y’all. Yeah, he sent an email yesterday to Corps Advisor/Liason (will probably hear back tomorrow). Some news: Our son’s friend received Opportunity Majors pgm yesterday. Back on JAN 31 she had also received the “3 options” offer in AIS and chosen “BOTH” (Waitlist & Blinn TEAM). Her original chosen major was Kinesiology. Secondary major was Applied Exercise Science. Not sure if those majors are considered popular/competitive (e.g., like COSC)? Wondering if our son should update his portal app to add a second major?

@dts49 I don’t know if it’s too late to add a 2nd major-not sure if Admissions gets notification of that? It’s never a good idea to only list 1 major, especially if not auto admit.
Maybe @FriscoDad has some insight?

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@dts49 If the major is one of those opportunity majors, then yes. If not, Blinn offer is likely over in this cycle.

There are some really good (and tough) ones in opportunity majors (Biochemistry, genetics, physics, geophysics), and some with great job prospects (HR, Foresnic Inv Science, Turfgrass science, Marine engineering technology, Educational psychology)


hey i got waitlisted and chose waitlist only no blinnteam. today my portal updated and now says your app is complete and in review rather than the waitlist screen, does this mean anything?

Same for our son today (3/20/2023)… AIS portal status changed to: “My App Is Complete And In Review”.

From 1/31/2023 - yesterday (3/19) the status was: “You have been placed on waitlist and are being considered for TEAM” (he chose to be considered for “BOTH”).

Also, today the system changed his major to “General University” and College to “Undeclared College”.

What does this all mean? Thx!:+1:

(BTW, son called Admissions folks to ask, too)

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Not for 100 certain but that is exactly what happened to my kids friend that received opportunity program major offer last week …


For others, that has meant the Opportunity Majors Program. (Link only has 2022/23 major offerings) Opportunity Majors < Texas A&M Catalogs < Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

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I’m going to be a FIVS major next year, so I’ll say that it’s a great program if you want to do Chemistry, BIMS, Biology, or other agriculture majors but couldn’t get into those yet. It’s also great for pre-law, pre-med, and some grads have gotten into the Pharmacy and Nursing schools.

Does anyone know if any departmental/major materials (ie: welcome to the dept. info, newsletters, brochures, flyers, phone calls/letters from dept. alumni saying to simply reach out if any questions, etc) are sent to admitted students after they accept at TAMU? We are receiving quite a bit of this kind of stuff from other colleges my son was admitted to, and it’s such a nice marketing touch. They are often personalized, and some are even from big schools like Penn State and Virginia Tech. Great way to make the bigger schools seem smaller and more inviting. But TAMU…he’s received nothing but the acceptance. Is this the norm? I know they’re big, but still…

@HGB1975 Mays Business Honors does send out some stuff similar to what you mentioned, they offer a spring Informational/Invitational to attend, calls from current students to prospective students.
But I think that’s pretty rare.
I think A&M is so huge, so many applicants, they just don’t have to do much marketing. It sounds great tho, what other schools are doing.

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I appreciate your response. Good to hear that Mays Honors does; sure wish TAMU could step it up across depts as well for just the regular folks, bc it’s pretty glaring the effort the other huge state schools are making vs TAMU. I hope TAMU at least feels just as personalized and welcoming once the students are on campus studying within their individual depts.

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It’s all very interesting, especially as a former student myself. D23 has gotten handwritten cards, letters, personalized swag from her other accepted schools and TAMU is like, here’s your log in to Howdy. period. But I think I’m okay with the old Army ways. You either are going to be an Aggie or you’re not. Highway 6 blah blah blah. :red_car: :blue_car:

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If you pair up with a roommate and the other two of your friends pair up, depending when your selection times are…it could work. 4/4s go faster than the 4/2 so it’s possible you grab 2 rooms and if a random student or another roommate pair pick the remaining 2 beds, you guys can always try to switch into the same apartment or another apartment where there are vacancies later. Or consider a 4/2 if no 4/4s are left. White creek is one of the last dorms to fill because it is more isolated and more expensive than most of the other dorms. But the pro is parking will be close, washer/dryer in apartment, elevators, full size beds, private rooms, etc.

They do not. I had commented on that to someone else whose only experience was with A&M and they seemed confused and asked if the other schools were small. Nope. My daughter is very happy with A&M and her degree program but I have noticed they aren’t big on communication across the board.

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