Texas A&M Transfer Spring 2020

Howdy Prospective Ags,
I thought I’d go ahead and start a thread for those of us who will be applying starting in a few days, July 1st, to potentially be in Aggieland in the Spring 2020 Semester. I am applying as a Nutritional Science major, 3.4 GPA (should increase to a ~3.6 given that the summer and fall terms I get a 4.0), Currently, 43 Hours completed, will have 65 hours completed by the time I get to A&M given that I’m accepted. I’m also currently in Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health volunteering honor society, Have worked at Chick-Fil-A for 2+ years, 160 hours of volunteering, and I’m about to start a volunteering/shadowing program at MD Anderson in the Texas Medical Center. What are my chances??

Everyone else feel free to post their stats and intended majors and extracurriculars. In addition, update in this thread the status of your application!

I will be applying for Electrical Engineering after my summer classes end on August 8th. I will update after I apply.

I just got a transfer audit 8/23/2019 for Electrical Engineering. I have a 3.85 GPA and 55 credits. It says my application is in review. What are my chances? @AggieMomhelp

@anonymous9991 I honestly cannot chance you on engineering transfer. I will say your gpa is strong and you should be proud of that hard work. If you have all of your required and recommended classes done and some engineering focused extracurriculars then I think you are a great candidate for transfer and tamu would be lucky to have you!!! Please keep us posted.

Hey I have also applied to TAMU as a nutrition major, My Gpa is 3.8 and I am still waiting to hear back. Have you got a decision yet?

@AggieMomhelp Hi! I am a construction science major transferring from blinn with a 3.16 gpa and 49 transferable credits. I applied 7/9/19 but I had to finish a required class in the summer so it delayed them getting my transcripts. I received my audit on 8/ 18/19. I believe I wrote a strong essay where I talked about my internship experiences and passion for the field. I had a friend get in with a 3.0 get into cosci for the fall application so I hope my gpa shouldn’t be too big of a problem but I wanted more of an expert opinion on my chances. I haven’t received tabs yet but I know from past forums that cosci usually hears back last. Thank you for your time !

@coscitransfer17 You have a strong chance. Hang in there. It’s such an amazing program and it’s getting more competitive. Many engineering majors see this as an option as well if they don’t end up liking their first major. Keep us posted.

@Uma702 I actually just applied last Friday (9/20)! I was able to submit early August but I had the hardest time writing my essay. When did you apply? And when did you receive your Audit?

@FarmersFight22, I applied on (08/24) and received my Audit on (09/16). My AIS did change today from Nutrition to Biochemistry as that was my second choice major, So I think I probably got rejected from Nutrition.

@Uma702 Ooof. Did you have all of the required coursework associated with the Nutrition degree plan? That makes me worried now because I have a lower GPA than you.

@uma702 Yes, it sounds like Nutrition denied you. I’m surprised though with that GPA! Did you have all prereqs done?

@AggieMomhelp I was denied as a transfer today. Yes, I did have all the prereqs completed for Nutrition, but for Bio-chemistry I was missing calculus 2. Nutrition always was my first choice. I did ask around and a lot of people told me since I mentioned I wanted to be a pre-dental student in my Essay A, They probably thought I’d eventually apply for Internal transfer to Biology if I got accepted.
@FarmersFight22 Its really not about the GPA, someone I know got into Biochemistry with a 3.3 GPA, So I think you’re fine. Goodluck

@AggieMomhelp do you think the Nutrition department has a limit on the number of transfers they admit? I’m kinda worried because I applied late due to me taking a while to write my essay, and if I don’t get admitted, I will be back tracked in classes. What I mean by this, I took two chemistry classes at a CC that would transfer to A&M but they don’t transfer to UofH, my current school, so I would have to retake those, meaning I wasted my time and money.

@FarmersFight22 With the minimum GPA of 2.5 I can’t imagine they cap their transfers like Mays does. Hoping you hear soon. Shocked Uma702 didn’t get in. But yes it could possibly be due to the essay. They want to see why you are choosing the major and to make sure you aren’t just using them to get in and then switch.

@uma702 you should make a personal visit to the advisor for that department to find out why you were denied - if it’s for the reason you speculated, maybe clarify to them that that is not the case. I know last year, a couple of students were able to get their denials turned around on a contingency basis.

@AggieMomhelp I need to PM regarding a question, but I cannot find anyway to do so

@amz222 check your inbox… since you’re new, I don’t think it allows you to initiate message. But you can reply.

@JaceyK Thanks so much I’ll definitely reach out to an advisor tomorrow.

Howdy guys! Just an update, I finally got my tabs today!
Thanks again @AggieMomhelp !!

Whoop!!! @coscitransfer17 So excited for you. Get ready to crush it. Next step, sign up for NSC (should be 2 options in early January)! Parking pass (will probably only get Lot 100 (by Reed Arena) OR west campus garage. The spring schedule is already up, so you can start looking at that too! So much fun ahead. Congrats.