Texas A&M University Class of 2026

Whoop! That’s amazing. Congrats.

You’ll know on your Manage application (on Howdy)… it’ll say the major. AND on AIS, check first and second choice major!!! Please report back.

As for housing, look under they housing tab. See if it’ll let you go through the process of applying.

In state, top quarter, 33 ACT, lots of EC (multi sport athlete, fine arts) strong DC & AP. Applied 8/1.


It looks like she can apply for housing. Everything says Business in those places with her 2nd choice still listed as 2nd. Under “My Profile” I clicked on “Curriculum, Hours & GPA” and it states Business. Application Status still states “Under Review” though. Holding my breath…hoping something official posts before Thanksgiving!


Congratulations! My DS has similar stats but still waiting. We are clueless about Mays application.

That sounds like Mays to me! That’s awesome. I forgot how strong her stats are.

That should give some people some hope that those kind of stats are just now hearing back for Mays.

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Does anyone know how competitive the college of science is for admission? My son is interested in Biology/Pre-Med.

Do you mean how quickly it fills up Or how hard is it to be accepted? Because as a freshman, you’re admitted to TAMU then put in your first choice major if there are spots left. If no spots, then 2nd choice major. If no spots, they’ll ask you to select a major or go general studies for first semester and try to change major to your top pick.

To answer how quickly it fills, I never see anyone not get science due to it being full.

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Assume your acceptance was last weekend? Normally AIS updated later.

It had last been checked on Friday and nothing had changed. It changed all through out the day today. The official acceptance notification was in AIS this afternoon! She is officially accepted to Mays. For those waiting on Mays, I wanted to share that last week a letter of recommendation was sent in. Her counselor had discouraged sending one in, but I wonder if that helped pull her out of the “maybe” category.


My son got his acceptance letter finally! For Econ not Mays but he’s very happy. We did the phase 1 housing earlier today and saw the letter pop up around 3 pm eastern… It’s taken the pressure off for sure with this acceptance. If he gets accepted for business at some of his other schools he’s applied to, it’s going to make for some deep thinking/decisions. Thank you for all your help!


Congratulations and happy for you! Your daughter’s high ACT score is likely the factor too! Took me entire morning to catch up all these conversations yours seemed to be the first in-state review admit for Mays in the last two weeks.

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Accepted into Mays. 7 tabs on 11/20, housing open morning of 11/23, AIS updated to Admitted around 2pm 11/23. Review candidate, 1st quarter, 29 ACT, AP classes, lots of extracurricular and leadership.


Congratulations! Can I ask when you sent in your application? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes. Forgot to post that. Applied 8/1. GPA was 4.0. In state candidate.


My twins applied to TAMU main campus and TAMU Galveston. Their 7 tabs reappeared today (the tabs appeared late October for about 10 days and indicated acceptance to TAMU Galveston for both but disappeared until today), along with their acceptance letters from Galveston. The letters are dated today. Still waiting on main campus. Shocked to hear anything this week but excited for them. :+1:


My son got accepted today. He received a text to check his admission status. He is review admit and Biology major. He applied on 9/14. School does not rank and was put in top 25%. He already paid his deposit for housing today.


If I added a second-choice major such as psych, is it too late to be considered now?

No. Not at all. Go put that second choice major in there. It’s not over til it’s over.

What’s your first choice?

What were his test scores?

My DD was accepted yesterday. WHOOP!! Happened upon it while checking to see if LOR and second SAT score were received. She’s currently a health major in the college of education for pre-nursing. My DS FTACO 2025, didn’t hear until end of February. Keep checking AIS every week. Good luck to all of you. Gig’ Em