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My daughter applied to main campus (review candidate) and to A&M Galveston. She heard back this week that she was accepted to A&M Galveston. Should she still be expecting to hear back from main campus? Her true first choice major is at main campus and worst case scenario she can take a lot of overlapping classes in Galveston and then move to the main campus later. Just wondering how this will work.

Also - she is not Mays or Engineering so not expecting a hard time getting a change of major.

She’s still in the running for main campus and you’re right, change of major for majority of majors is a simple transition. Congrats on Galveston and good luck for main!!!

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Thank you! We are over the moon. As a review candidate we told her all she needed was a chance and that it didn’t matter where she started (Blinn, Blinn TEAM, System admit, full admit). Now we wait!


Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy all your blessings and give thanks to what you have and what’s to come!

This time next year your perspective will have changed, regardless of the outcome of admissions. Your kiddo will be home from a college for the holidays and stressed about finals. Lol. That too will stress you out. So enjoy the now, tomorrow will take care of itself.



So SO true you are amazing. Thank you for all of your reassurance and advice on here. PrI else’s, we are thankful for you. Happy thanksgiving.


Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! I’m giving thanks for this forum and all of you who have so helpful with sharing your knowledge. It is so appreciated as we WAIT and WAIT and WAIT. :crazy_face:


Happy thanksgiving ya’ll!!! I’m drinking coffee and on here when I should be in the kitchen making stuffing!!! :slight_smile: So thankful for a normal Thanksgiving with all the crazy relatives, food comas and football. I’ll try not to check the Howdy portal for a few days…


Very thankful for all the expertise and guidance shared on this forum.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :plate_with_cutlery::maple_leaf:!


Happy Thanksgiving :maple_leaf: moms, dads and kiddos ! We’ve made it this far and I’m sure wherever our kids will eventually end up going, they will do well and be just fine. I’m so thankful for for this forum :pray: as a first time college parent , I tend to be more nervous and anxious than my DS but I know I can always come here and ask and someone will be kind enough to reply :blush:


Happy Thanksgiving forum friends!


Hi! I did Early Action (submitted October 15th) for the College of Engineering and I was wondering how long it would typically take to get decisions back?

If you are review admit, and if your application completed (all green check in AIS) before October 15th, or according to the letter date under my communications->My letter on or before October 15th (and assuming you finish linking SRAR the same day), then likely by mid December.

If you are auto-admit, it should be within days after your SRAR matched your HS transcript.


Got it, thank you so much! I am review admit so I’ve been scared since I applied about my results since A&M is my dream school.

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@FriscoDad and @martinezcs I’m hoping y’all can help me. I am trying to help a friend-auto admit Viz student-who didn’t submit scholarship application when she submitted her Apply TX to TAMU. They’re trying to go back in and do it now, but can’t figure it out.
Is it possible to go back into Apply Texas and submit scholarship application?
I know I’ve seen it mentioned on here, but I can’t figure out how to ‘search’. I think one or both of you may know the answer?? Hope so!

In ApplyTexas, once submitted, the application data became read only text, applicant cannot edit anymore.

There are a lot of general income related questions in bold in the scholarship application form. Those questions have to be answered during application. TAMU scholarships and financial aid won’t accept a separate application later.

For those who answered the general scholarship questions completely, TAMU scholarships and financial aid department may allow one claiming the ApplyTexas bug, and submit the scholarships essay/response separately via mail to

Freshman Admissions
Texas A&M University
PO Box 30014
College Station, TX 77842-3014

Note that each of the 9 scholarships has different questions and there are over 20 different responses for different scholarships so unless a student is targeting one scholarship there will be a lot of responses to submit. The questions are in ApplyTexas at the bottom of “Application View”.


@FriscoDad THANK YOU‼️ I took a screenshot and forwarded to our friend. Appreciate the reply😉

:round_pushpin: To all incoming freshman-
I highly recommend submitting FAFSA every year, even if you don’t qualify. My Aggie has at least 1 A&M scholarship that specifically states ‘FAFSA must be on file to receive this’, under guidelines/qualifications. My Aggie doesn’t qualify for any aid or FAFSA, but has received a scholarship that requires it to be filed.
You never know…fill it out. And remind your Aggies once they’re enrolled students, to fill out the continuing student scholarship application yearly. Date runs from October-February. Unlike Housing, submitting early doesn’t up your chance of receiving a scholarship-the committee starts reviewing after the deadline has passed. My Aggie fills it out over Christmas break.

(This is the current timeline for continuing stidents, for reference :arrow_down:)


What are your stats? My son too applied review admit for engineering and has not heard yet. Several of his friends at school that were not auto admits to engineering have also heard already so we too are starting to get nervous. Hang in there though, the wait is kind of brutal but most hear in mid December I think. Getting closer!!!

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My daughter applied pretty late (end of October). She didn’t meet the Oct 15 deadline. So do you think will she hear back in December or is she more likely hear back next Feb/ March. Nervous because she applied for Mays and the spots are filling up fast! Was is too late to apply?

There’s not an early admit for Mays but applying that late for Mays as review student definitely not in your favor.

What are the stats? If high scoring and top quarter then maybe hear in December (but probs 2nd choice) but if 1350 or less then you’ll hear back jan/feb with your second choice major.