Texas A&M University Class of 2026

The October 15th deadline was the Engineering Early Action deadline. December 1st is the general application deadline.

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I don’t think that many of my son’s classmates (assuming that most of the 80-something applicants on or around October 15th were Engineering) have heard back, either.

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Definitely is and good luck to your son!
Here’s my Stats:

• 3.64 Unweighted GPA
• Completed course from a University over summer and got a B
• Completed 3 Courses from various community colleges over the summer and got an A in all
• Completed a Specialization in Coursera over summer
• Completed 3 classes from a online high school created by Universities in my state over summer and got 1 A, 1 B, 1 C ( this last one isn’t related to my major as far as the course go)
• Completed total 5 AP’s (1 over summer, 1 last year, 3 this year) the 2 with a grade I received a A on
• Weighted GPA is above a 4 (not sure exact)

Hope that’s what you were looking for and good luck to your son, hopefully he gets in!

Test score?

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1360 SAT, 30 ACT, 3.8 unweighted / 4.1 weighted, SRAR 1st quarter
I was thinking the same thing, fingers crossed though!

I’m sorry I don’t know how to submit the scholarship application after submitting the Apply Texas. We did it all at once. I understand though. It was a long app and the scholarship section made it even longer!

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It wasn’t required so I didn’t submit but I got a 32 on the ACT

You need to submit it right now!!! Why wouldn’t you? That’s a great score. You probably would have heard by now.


Thank you so much I appreciate that! I didn’t submit it because my counselor told me that because of the area I live in that might be considered a lower score and not to submit it and now I don’t believe I can submit it since I can’t change my application information other than the AIS but I believe that would make me go to regular decision.

You can’t change your application info but you can have your scores sent.

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Wow your counselor is uneducated and did you a disservice. You can still have your score sent in. Do it now. Go online and do it. I wish you the best. If you have any questions ask us and please keep us posted on what happens.

What was your math score? Just curious

And FYI scores are compared between students regardless of what school you attend. A 32 is a 32. And it’s a dang good score. If I was your mom/dad I would be writing a strongly worded letter to your counselor and principal.


Yup but as far as I understood correctly the A&M counselor said all things must be sent by the Oct 15th deadline including supplemental information for it to count so I’m not sure if I can without pushing my application back to the regular deadline. However, thanks for the info I’ll definitely look into it! :slight_smile:

Not sure if you meant to reply to my post or not but while it may be too late for early decision, you may not even get an offer if you don’t send in that score. You’ll probably be deferred but maybe call admissions and ask.

Are you at least 1st quarter and what math and science are you in this year?

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Thank you so much and I definitely will keep you all posted! Can I still send in my score for it to count for the Oct 15th deadline because I believe the A&M counselor said that I will not be able to do so without pushing it back to the regular deadline.

Also I just checked and I made a mistake it was a 31 not 32, however, here are my scores:

  • Math - 29
  • Science - 26
  • English - 32
  • Reading - 35
  • Writing - 8

And got it thank you so much for that information it definitely helps me feel better about potentially sending it in! :slight_smile:

Hi sorry I was replying to your post but another person also replied to so I replied there first and I got the information for yours and just posted it :slight_smile:

I’m second quarter but that doesn’t include any of my college classes in the SRAR as they were all taken outside of school and doesn’t show up that transcript so my rank would end up being higher once they use those scores to recalculate with the additional transcripts.

I am currently taking AP Stats and AP Physics 1 and last year I took Physics Honors and AP Calc AB.

@ChristiR93 i absolutely agree…as a parent, I would be MORE THAN UPSET if a school counselor told my student not to submit a 31 ACT. I would be requesting an in person meeting with the Principal, district counselor coordinator and anyone else I could think of. That’s beyond awful.

@D_B2 are you in a public or private school?
A 31 ACT could absolutely be a deal breaker…in a positive way. Your counselor is just WRONG.

Also if I do end up getting deferred is it possible that I send it in after for additional information to the transcript?

I’m in a public school, but it wasn’t my school counselor it was an outside counselor so my school can’t really do much, plus half of our school counselors including the ones that helped me all quit and my parents agreed with them as they don’t believe I did well either unfortunately.

2nd quarter and no test score is not getting you a decision in December with early decision. You will most likely get deferred til January or February. By then you will not be able to submit your score since it’ll be passed the deadline.

As for ranking, the ranking is set by deadline so that’s not going to help.

Honestly… your best bet is sending in test score and going through regular decision if that’s what happens. Otherwise you’re looking at possibly Galveston or teab at best but even that may be a stretch.

I’m honestly just trying to give you what we’ve seen in the past.

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Okay thank you so much! Is it possible to send in a test score after December 15th through the AIS or do you think I should wait until after I get decisions (if results come before Dec 15th and I get deferred) just in case I end up getting accepted? If I go in through regular decisions will I be sending in my first semester grades for this year as part of the decision?