Texas A&M University Class of 2027

My understanding is that having Ags in the family used to help the applicant - now it is not a factor. This has been discussed before so I am only repeating what was said in years past.

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@dawn3 having Aggie relatives doesn’t hurt or help you. There is no longer ‘legacy’ consideration.
Being a 1st gen Aggie won’t make a difference.
1st gen college student might make a slight difference.

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How do you tell them that you’re a first-gen college student on your application? Do you write it in essays or is there a question available?

@anon2034821 i have no idea, sorry.
Maybe @ChristiR93 knows?

It will be on the application.


ApplyTexas has questions about parents (parent 1 and 2), there is no direct question about “first gen”, but it will ask the highest level of education parent 1 and parent 2. A drop box for selecting “Parent/Guardian 1 or 2’s education level”.

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