Texas Tech (TTU) Class of 2023

Starting this thread for incoming Freshman and their families. My son is a Junior (Class of 2020) at TTU (Mass Comms Major). My daughter will be Class of 2023. Her major will be Environmental Engineering. She will also be in Honors. Any questions, feel free to ask. Wreck Em Guns Up


Great game today! Saw em Off! Wreck Em

Son has TTU acceptance in hand (Wreck’em!) but is torn between Tech and another school. How far can he go on the TTU “Accepted Student To Do List” without committing? He has put in a housing deposit and applied for scholarships. He doesn’t want to be behind the proverbial 8-ball if he decides Tech will be his home, but doesn’t want to commit yet.

It appears he has chosen a room and a meal plan. Please tell me he has not committed. Good grief.

Thanks for any insight.

I would like to know this too!

@rodzstephanie214 , this just in from a regional admissions counselor:
“We are non-binding. You can do everything on that checklist and still change your mind at a later date.”

@daleNchip I was just on the campus an hour 2 hours ago. Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championship, TTU baseball playing U Kentucky right next to indoor track & field, and tomorrow Tech Basketball plays Kansas at home. The campus was all a buzz. So fun.

Sorry for the delay been out of country. @daleNchip you are correct, none of that is binding. You can even do the form 1920 expected enrollment and agree to terms with financial aid/scholarships (minus the loans) and you are NOT 100% committed. Hope this was helpful. If there is anything else I will definitely try to help. @rodzstephanie214

@BingeWatcher definitely was a great week to be a Red Raider! And not to forget the softball 12-1 only loss to #5 ranked Washington. Wreck Em Guns Up

@BigHerms if you submit a Re-Evaluation are your chances of getting into Tech higher because it shows that you actually care and have the desire to go to the school?

@Governor21 I really can’t answer either way on that because you never know who is reading the application but it doesn’t hurt. Especially with Tech. TTU wants kids that want to be Red Raiders. But remember this, if it doesn’t work out for this year, put in your time at a junior college, kick butt to show them you are college material. But don’t ever give up or give in.

My son committed to TTU and have gone pretty much through the checklist and have signed up for RRO. Already spoke with financial Aid/Scholarships and Housing and Meal Plan has been booked. It is now real :). Can’t wait super excited. WRECK EM !!!

@IT22379 he will love it! Did he apply to honors? And if you don’t mind what dorm did he choose?

No Honors he did’nt want to pressure himself freshman year. He is at Stangel Hall he said he likes the food choices ans its close to the rec center.

Good deal. Again he will love Lubbock!

@BigHerms Thank You.