The Official M10 2020 Freakout Thread

This is where all you applicants can rant about the application process, because a) CC tradition and b) I definitely know I would’ve appreciated this last August!

I made an account for this sole purpose, haha. I’m excited to see how others are doing!

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Have you guys started the application yet? Personally, I’m waiting until I take the SSAT to start my app.

Right… so Mom asked me to pick out a couple of “safety schools” to apply to along with my top choices, and so far I’ve had no luck looking for them on the internet. Do you guys have any tips?

@ThePhoGuy Single sex schools tend to have higher admissions rates, so you might want to check those out. Also, although I wouldn’t call them “safeties” in that the academics are every bit just as good as the better marketed schools you’re already considering, I suspect Tabor, Brewster, St. George, Millbrook, Gunnery, Governors, and Portsmouth Abbey get fewer applications vis-a-vis their open spots. HOWEVER, they will NOT admit you if they think you are only applying to them as a back up or safety. Every school wants to feel that they are your top choice and that you really understand what makes them special and different from the rest. If you write generic essays you will be disappointed on March 10.

@eekeek that isn’t the best idea, imo. esp in regards to the essays. You want your essays (and other portions of your application) to be as thoughtful and well-considered as possible. my advice would be to have gotten most of that stuff done in the summertime, when school doesn’t require a significant portion of your time.
but I hope it works out for the best for you!

@ThePhoGuy I don’t know what you’re considering so far, but definitely the single-sex schools are a good idea to look at, as long as they’re schools that you would apply to on their own merits. And perhaps look for schools on the bigger side (ofc if you are comfy with and like that), as they would have more spots to give to applicants.

Having great scores is good too, but wouldn’t it be best to work on your app first and foremost, because that’s how the AO’s get to see you?

I’m taking my SSAT’s in October, and unfortunately, my midterms and SSAT dates are so close together that I have to prepare for both together, which really is tough, I’m not going to lie :open_mouth: Where are you guys all applying to and for what grade?

@SolarJ oh, wow, that’s quite unfortunate… Luckily I managed to take a early-September SSAT, getting one of the most stressful part of the app process out of the way.

Actually, I’m just an overexcited Exeter prep! My application cycle is over… And I’m actually pretty sorry about that. Cherish this time, you guys, you’ll miss it when it’s over!
On the other hand, when it’s over is the fun part. Can’t wait to see some of you Freakout peeps walking around campus next year!
What about you?

@RedLioness @SolarJ Thanks for the advice!
@SolarJ I’m applying for 9th grade at just Exeter and Andover (small amount of schools :))
Ok totally unrelated but has anyone taken the personality snapshot, and if you have, do you think it played a big role in your decision?

I took them about a week ago, and I think I answered a little too honestly… :sweat_smile: I wonder if they send it automatically to the schools which you are also sending the SSAT scores.
(PS: I’m applying to PEA, PA, SPS, and another local high school)
@RedLioness Wow! I didn’t know that! I would have applied last year if I’d had known of PEA beforehand, haha. I only found out right after admissions were closed.

I was waiting for this to open. I’m applying for 9th grade at Hotchkiss, St. Paul’s, Deerfield, Loomis, Blair, and Taft. Some hard schools to get into?.

Whoops, I forgot to mention I’m applying for 10th grade. (Non-repeat)

Just a reminder that if you need financial aid, you might want to apply to more than 5 schools.

^^ 'Tis true. Financial aid packages may not cover all of your perceived need, they only cover the difference between tuition and your EFC - how much the school can reasonably expect you to contribute (which in some cases can be higher than your family can afford without making some sacrifices). You want to have options on M10, and not be stuck with a bad FA package that may not work out for you. There’s always appeal, but if that fails then you may not be able to attend. And if the school doesn’t have the money, then you’re out of luck. Thus, it is on the wiser side to apply wide instead of depending on a few popular schools.

@eekeek @SolarJ @soo2024 ahhhh I’m so excited for all of you! being an applicant is such a precious time… The anxiety, the flurry of rush-rush-rush, the hard work of studying late into the night on schools and science homework alike!

don’t worry, you get much more sleep on the other end of the deal :wink:

@SolarJ aw, that sucks! :frowning: but don’t worry, coming in as a new lower is no big deal. I know it seems weird, but to put it in perspective there are like 60 new lowers this year, and quite a few in my dorm.

I read through last year’s M10 2019 Freakout and just reading it gave me a lump in my throat :cold_sweat: I’m so excited yet so nervous already…

if you believe it or not, I was completely sure I’d get in… Until I discovered the Freakout thread and realised just how competitive most of the schools I applied to were (most of GLADCHEMMS + auxiliaries).

Yeah, I know! There’s always something to be anxious about in the process. But really, try and set the angst and the anxiety aside. It won’t help you, so don’t let it control you.

One of the important thing to remember is most of these schools are trying to build a community, so having a hook greatly increases your odds of acceptance. Find that hook and reach out to the coach/dance instructor or theater person in advance of your visits and gage their interest. A video and highlights of your achievements in a well formatted email (you can find most fo their emails on the site) go a long way.

Thanks for the great info!

Just a question, what exactly is M10?
Sorry for not knowing the acronym, heh.