Theatre BA at CSUN or CSULB?

I have to commit to theatre at Cal state Northridge or Cal state Long Beach by May 1. I feel like CSULB is the better school but CSUN could have a better program. (I am Wait listed at NYU and LMU where I’d rather attend) If anyone has any info about the theatre programs at either school it would mean a lot as I have no clue what to do

@angelaxoxo I don’t know about Theater at either school but my impression is that CSULB has more of a strength in the performing arts, especially music, whereas CSUN is known for its film program. Does that help at all? What area(s) of theater most appeal to you?

Theatre with a focus of more acting and performing instead of directing, tech,playwriting and such

It may be too late but - did you consider Cal State Fullerton? That’s the CSU with the best reputation in Acting and Performing. I would look at the drama programs for LB and Northridge and see which was most similar to Fullerton with the idea that you can apply for a transfer. Both schools are pretty solid so you won’t make a bad choice but without further research I would tend towards LB because I know Northridge is so film oriented.

I would also say in terms of enjoying the college experience - Long Beach (the city) has a substantial edge over Northridge in terms of weather and recreation. Not sure if that matter to you right now but it might in time! :slight_smile:

My daughter did research on both schools, this is probably late but Long Beach has a great program for theater.