This year's Oscars thread

So, any major surprises? Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do in terms of seeing some of these nominated films/performers…

I really am not interested in seeing The Irishman, but I may have to break down and go. I hate not being able to have a reference of any kind in pop culture discussions.

@Nrdsb4 The Irishman is on Netflix; no need to go anywhere! Good thing too - it’s LONG!!! I wasn’t a fan. Goodfellas Part 2, really. Same actors, same kind of character. Just not my thing.

Need to go look at the rest of the nominees!

The only “hot” movie I’ve seen is Marriage Story. I didn’t love the movie but think that ScarJo and Adam Driver must deserve their acting nods as I didn’t care for either of their characters until the very end, meaning they did a great job of making those people unlikable.

Is Best Actor even a contest? Seems pretty certain Joaquin Phoenix will carry the day.

I haven’t seen* Joker* yet, but Leo was great in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood imo.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting annoyed that Jennifer Lopez wasn’t nominated. I felt like she did a good job, but I didn’t feel her role was really Oscar material…

I think that Adam Sandler was robbed- and I don’t even like his usual stuff at all.

I suspect the Academy members will again go for the Hollywood themed movie because it interests them, sigh. And movies centered in that world will crop up again. Watching, or just paying attention to them, is one way of keeping up with current culture

Not everyone subscribes (or wants to) to any or any of the services where some of these movies are available. Needing to subscribe to Netflix and Amazon just to view some nominated film? At least theater releases can be viewed by anyone for a single ticket. Society has changed.

btw- I have purposely watched some Oscar winners when they were available on DVD (library) or on TV. Would not pay money for most of them. And some movies so horrible I wouldn’t suffer through them for an Oscar winning performance by an actor. Violence, dark themes et al. And unreal Hollywood.

Wow, I can’t believe the only one I’ve seen of the best movie nods is Star Wars which definitely doesn’t deserve it. We will see Little Women soon - maybe next weekend. I honestly don’t have much interest in most of them.

H saw Joker and Once upon a time in Hollywood and Parasite. He really liked Once a Upon a Time in Hollywood and Parasite and thought they definitely deserved their nominations. He didn’t like Joker, but felt it was well done and deserved to be nominated. I didn’t want to see Joker because it looked very creepy and I hate clowns and scary faces. I wasn’t really interested in Parasite or Once upon a time in Hollywood.
H and I watched The Irishman, but I got sick of it partway through, but H finished it and enjoyed it. We both watched Marriage Story and thought it was well done. I thought S J and Adam Driver were great and their nominations are well deserved.
We saw Little Women last week and it was wonderful! I wish it had gotten more nominations. I’m disappointed Greta Gerwig wasn’t nominated, not because she’s a woman, but because she’s a great director.

H and I are seeing 1917 this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.

A quick shout-out for Florence Pugh, nominated as best supporting actress in Little Women. (Quite the feat, btw, considering the all-star cast!) She’s a remarkable performer, check out her movies if you haven’t seen her before. I thought she rocked in the BBC series, Little Drummer Girl, based on a Le Carre novel.

I think it’s a great crop of Best Pictures nominees this year. I’ve seen all of them except Ford vs. Ferrari and 1917 although I would like to see both of them. Of the ones I have seen my two favorites were Joker and Little Women. Parasite was a very unique and interesting movie too. I never in a million years thought I would like Joker, but I was so wrong about it. It’s the type of movie that everyone who sees it has a different take on it.

I forgot! H and I also saw Ford vs Ferrari. I thought it was good. I don’t think it will win Best Picture, but it certainly deserved it’s nomination.

My son saw Ford vs Ferrari as well and was happy it got some nominations. He loves cars, so this movie is right up his alley. He also saw Joker, and thought it was ok. I don’t think he’ll see Little Women, but like H he is a film buff. And H thought Little Women wasn’t bad. S is bummed he missed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and he is planning on seeing 1917 soon. He’s lucky there is a theater near his college! My D is planning on seeing Little Women after work this week and is gonna see 1917 soon too. If you can’t tell we love movies!

I’m also bummed Awkwafina wasn’t nominated. I didn’t see the movie she was in, but I heard it was good.

I’m surprised I have not seen more of the films nominated for best picture!

I didn’t feel like a movie slacker this year!

I’m looking forward to seeing the Oscar nominated Live Shorts and Animated Shorts – although hoping the Live Shorts are not traumatic (like last year!).

I’ve seen 5 of them and not not sure I’ll watch the rest. I thought Joker was excellent though very dark and disturbing. I loved Little Women and F v F. The Irishman and Once Upon a Time were well done but not my favs. I’ll be rooting for the first 3 of those.

For those of you who are Marvel/superhero fans, Florence Pugh is going to be in the upcoming Marvel Black Widow movie alongside Scarlett Johansson

Every year it seems I see less and less…we have a family contest every year where everyone fills out their ballot and we see who picks the most winners. I usually win just because I was E! for the dresses and get some scoop! Last few years it’s been mostly guessing!
I did see Marriage Story - agree with @“Youdon’tsay” - found them (more so her) totally unlikeable!!!

I worked a long day in the OR yesterday, so wasn’t online much, but on the way home heard on the radio that there is “outrage” that Jennifer Lopez wasn’t nominated for Hustlers. And that she had “campaigned” very hard and had hoped to be rewarded for that (for the campaigning).

Is her performance really Oscar worthy? It’s hard for me to imagine, considering past performances. She is certainly likable and competent, but does she actually belong with that group of nominees?

Totally admit to not having seen the film.

I did not enjoy Hustlers. JLo is a bad actress, but this was a good performance for her (the bar is not that high). Far from Oscar worthy.

I thought Hustlers was ok and wouldn’t call JLo a bad actress…but with that said, no, not Oscar worthy. Maybe the campaigning only works for men, lol

I agree. Jennifer Lopez did a good job, but it wasn’t an Oscar worthy performance, especially compared to the competition.