Transfer unsure of where to go

Hi everyone,
i’m starting this thread as I am very confused and I feel very alone in my search for a college.

i’m a transfer student coming from a community college. I went to CC to start off because I couldn’t find a 4 year college to go to after my senior year. These past two years have been a constant search for me and I still haven’t found one that I feel like fits. I feel really alone in this struggle as my friends have found theirs and my boyfriend found his easy as he is going to a great school. At this point finding a college has become a chore and I really dread having to find one and choose to attend.

My other concerns range in that my family is only willing to pay so much and so far every school I have been interested in is far beyond that. It’s very hard seeing other people going where they want and following what they want to do for their life when I feel like mine is being held back.

I just wanted to put a post out to see if there is anyone else that is going through a similar situation and feeling a similar way. Any support would be great.

How much will your family contribute? Do you qualify for a Pell grant? Have you taken and banked the federal student loans during the past two years? What state do you live in? What do you want to study? What are your stats? How many credits do you have?

Answer these and the CC community can give you some suggestions.

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I do not know what I shall do

Can you answer the questions in itsgettingreal21’s post? Your budget and stats would be helpful. What state are you in? Are any in state publics affordable? Are any within commiting distance? What are you studying and what’s your career goal?