Transferring Out, Living Off Campus

Hello, all. :slight_smile: I am currently a Freshman enrolled as a Biology major in the University of Scranton. I came all the way from Upstate NY and it is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from here to my hometown. It has been a about 1 1/2 months since I first moved in, and I am in the process (hopefully with success) of transferring to Siena College. I know what everyone says about sticking it out, but I think in my case it will be best.

I have suffered previously with extreme depression until 10th grade and I have psoriasis which I take two immune suppressants (which make me much more susceptible to germs and getting sick), in which the medicines also require constant maintenance and doctors appointments.

My skin has been freaking out from stress since I’ve been here, psoriasis spots are flaring up and I actually got two rashes from stress and a bacterial infection in my leg from stitches from a skin biopsy and my immune system not being able to fight it. Unfortunately, since I am so far away, it makes it almost impossible to get to my trusted medical help in my hometown, which I clearly need to go to often.

Currently I also do not really like my school. The academics are fine but the distance is not working for me. I’ve been struggling very very badly with depression since I’ve been here, and have tried multiple groups and counseling services but I cannot seem to shake these feelings of self hatred and loneliness. It feels impossible to even conquer the simplest of days, but that’s another story not worth going into right now. I have not made the best of friends here, but I am comfortable with the people I have met. But my family support has always been essential for me being confident mentally, and Siena is only about an hour away from home & in a town that I am very familiar with. They also do have a reputable Biology program, as well.

I apologize for the lengthy back story, but I feel it will help those who may respond to answer my question. My question is, is it possible to live on an off-campus apartment of your own and commute instead of on campus housing? My skin does not do well with stress and I find that it would be a better environment for me to study and feel comfortable. Will the likelihood be high of getting through health services for a non-residency waiver? All comments would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you :slight_smile:

“My question is, is it possible to live on an off-campus apartment of your own and commute instead of on campus housing?”

Each college and university has its own policies about this, so you need to ask. You also need to find out if your parents can afford to pay for your off-campus place and your vehicle. If not, you should find out if it is possible for you to have a single room. Dorm life might be more tolerable for you if you are in a single.

Yes, and most I know, including Siena, require residency for at least freshman. I was just wondering if anyone had any input about residency waivers or anything. Yes, I have already spoke with my parents and they are onboard as they understand my circumstances and are willing and able to make it work. I appreciate the advice!!

You need to speak with the people at Siena, and find out if sophomores are required to live on campus. If they are, find out what the on-campus options are, and ask specifically about medical waivers.

Most schools have an opt-out of the housing, or special accomodations, for students with a valid medical condition or special need that has been independently verified by a physician. The folks at Siena can tell you what they need to see for an accomodation.

I would contact Siena and ask. The answer will be different for every school. I would think that especially with a medical excuse (which I assume you could get) they would accommodate you but there is no way to know for sure until you ask.

okay, thank you all for the advice! i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yes, do exactly what N’s Mom has suggested.
Contact the Office of Disabled Students at Siena and see what paperwork you would need to transition to off-campus housing. You can also contact the housing office and see what they have available in off-campus apartments.

Siena is now offering single rooms. This option may work for you. Siena is a very good college and has a lot of social activities for their students. You will not only learn but have a good time there also.