Transferring out of SBU

So I just finished the first week of SBU and I hate it. Well, the classes aren’t bad but the thing is, I came to Stony Brook in hope of pursuing Computer Science but now I feel that this is not my best fit. Unfortunately, I dont know what else to do. I love music and I am good at it, but I dont know if being a music teacher is a good choice for a job at this point in time. The whole atmosphere and social aspect of SBU sucks too. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I also like math too, but I don’t know If i can be a math teacher. Should I transfer out and pursue music education somewhere else or is too late

I’m a Stony Brook grad who wanted to transfer after my first month or so. I get that the scene is pretty wild, it certainly wasn’t what I was used to. But I found a group of fellow students and hall mates (my “tribe”) and stuck with them. We had about the same temperament and habits and had a lot of fun together.

One week usually isn’t enough time to judge whether you want to transfer or not. Stony Brook wasn’t my first choice, but I found a niche and it made a lot of difference.