Transferring to UF as a business major


I am a Business Analytics and Information Systems sophomore at University of South Florida. I intend to work for an investment firm and/or apply to law schools after graduating. I’ve always considered transferring to UF because of its’ better ranking and prestige compared to USF. However, If I stay at USF, I can graduate one semester early. I think this would be beneficial to me, as I am hoping to get a job in the business analytics field and work for a while, and then to go to law school. However, I also know that big financial firms in cities like New York consider the school name, and so do law schools. So, is it worth applying to UF and graduating one semester later, or should I just remain at USF and aim for good grades (my current GPA is 3.8). I am also hoping to get into a top tier law school (T14-25). Outside of Florida, in law schools and financial firms, do they largely consider the difference between UF and USF? Would it benefit my future to graduate 5-8 months later by transferring to UF, than staying at USF and graduating earlier?

Thank you.

As a parent of a former Bull here is my two cents.

First, it depends on how much longer you have to go. If you have BF and or FPP check with them before you make any changes.

Second, Muma’s classes are smaller and in person. UF’s b school has a lot of online classes.

Third, Tampa is a business center, much easier to get internships, but UF has a national reputation, so you may have more recruit next opportunities from OOS. I don’t know.

She was recruited by a large hospitality company in their business development department. She was furloughed due to Covid, but back to work. She applied to a few graduate schools, both in and out of state and we are waiting to hear.

Hope this helps.