Trinity College CT ED 1 Class of 2024

Hi! I just applied ED to Trinity college CT. How many of you have applied t
ED1 to Trinity College ?
Can u guys share your stats?

Do any of you know when decisions would come out ???

Can’t find anything official, but last year decisions were released Thursday, December 12. So maybe a week from today? @georgejogi2002

Did u apply ?

Yes, starting to get excited and nervous.
Good luck to you @georgejogi2002

Me too…What are ur stats by the way??
I am a international male student with 4.0 UW GPA. Goes to an Indian public school, applied test optional.
Lots of EC and projects connected to my major [chemistry]
2 international publications
State level winner in science exhibition, speech, versification, debate and table tennis.
2 LORS one from Chem teacher
And one from English teacher.

Wow! Very impressive!
U.S. private HS student
3.7 UW GPA
30 ACT (submitted)
Undecided Major
Service related ECs
LORs History and Math teachers
Full-time summer job last 2 summers
Best of luck to you @georgejogi2002

Great! Good luck to you too.

Any updates on ED notification date??

Not yet. What about you? Any updates?

Hopefully today. Seems like it’s been the closest Thursday to the 15th for at least the last 2 years

Wow! I really didn’t expect this today. Getting really nervous

I just talked to the admissions office. They said results will be released online by the end of tomorrow(Friday).

I heard “if not today - by tomorrow” so confusing. I’m so anxious

I bet it’ll be today. Last year was also this Thursday and 4pm.

update: its today at 7pm EST

How did you find that out, @jdawg45 ?

they posted on IG confirming it

Good luck to everyone who applied!!

Got the decision. Rejected