Trouble editing and liking

No ability to edit a minute or two after posting.

And I can see the number of likes on posts but nowhere to “like.” It’s blank.




I was having trouble myself last night but it’s been better for me today.

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The like button comes and goes for me.


I have had the same problem, but found that the spot on the screen that used to have the “like” button still works to allow me to like a post. I just have to guess where to click.

Unfortunately one time yesterday I clicked on the wrong spot, and accidentally reported a post right before I upvoted the same post. Hopefully whomever deals with the report will understand that it was a mistake and ignore it.

Edit: Apparently the same issue works with “edit”. The icons to click on have disappeared for me on this thread, but I was able to click in the spot where the edit icon is supposed to be, and it is allowing me to edit this post.


Thanks for reporting! We’ve had other reports of this problem since the DB upgrade. Our developers are looking into the problem, which seems unrelated to the database itself.

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Good to know! Which browser are you using?



All edit, like and flag icons missing. But emoji icon visible :+1:t2: On an iPad/safari. Funny thing is if I tap in the “blank” space it brings up the edit box even though the edit icon isn’t visible.


There is another thread on this, as well. It has been happening to me intermittently all this week (and on several sporadic occasions well before).

As @CC_Jon mentioned in that other thread, a “hard refresh” is working most, but not all, the time. For most OSs, try pressing the browser page reload button and the SHIFT key at the same time.

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Thank you!

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Agree, also the reply to a poster.
This is on iphone8.

Seems better this morning, thanks.

I’m still having an issue with the like button disappearing at times.


Mine just disappeared too. Was fine all day up until now.

I’ve been having the same problem, but if I hover my pointer over the area where the like button would normally be, if visible, I can still “like” a post.

I am rationalizing that the “Case of the Missing Icons” is the real reason why very few of my posts are “liked.” :rofl:


Ditto with edit icon. Both like and edit are missing but thanks to this thread, I click on the blank space.

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Same, Firefox. I am on an iPhone.

I can’t “like” posts now. I use Chrome.

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