Tufts Class of 2025 ED1 Thread

Does anyone know when ED1 is coming out for Tufts? I know a lot of other schools have sent emails with official dates but I haven’t heard anything.

Good luck everyone!!!


Wondering the same thing! Their FAQ says they’ll send an email to tell you to check portal but not when or if that comes days before or day of?

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I’m thinking about this too. Might literally just call admissions office because it’s so ambiguous at the moment. Will come back to you if they say anything useful!


I applied ED as well and I’m in the same boat—anxiously awaiting for the decisions to be released. For the last 3 years, the decisions for ED1 were released on a Friday. But I’m not sure if this means anything for this year since December 15 falls on a week day. Hope this helps!

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OMG I’m also wondering this lollll. I also applied for ED1 l. Hoping they can send me a e-mail to tell us about exact date

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Ah so is it possible that Tufts send us the result this Friday???

It’s possible. I’m leaning more towards the 15th now that I know it’s not always a Friday. It hasn’t been later than the 15th the last 4 or 5 years. If anyone gets an email, definitely share here!

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I think recently it’s come out on the 2nd Friday of December, which would be tomorrow, but with the deadline push and no email yet I doubt it :frowning:

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It is possible because they haven’t officially told us what day they are releasing the decisions. I know that Northeastern said they were releasing the ED1 decisions December 15 but they actually were released last night. Anything is possible for sure!

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December 15th @7pm!!

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Just heard that too!

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Yeah they send me email too!

Good luck again to everyone!!! Hope we see each other next year haha

Does anyone think the decisions will come out today?

Hi everyone! Does anyone know Tufts’ ED2 acceptance rate? I couldn’t find it anywhere… I was thinking of applying under that plan but if the acceptance rate is about the same as RD I might not haha


i attended an info session and they said that it is the same

I’m so nervous right now how are you guys feeling?


So nervous. What do you guys think the acceptance rate will be like? Some people are speculating that fewer students applied ED I this year…

I was trying to figure it out earlier today. Tufts reports a 10.5% ED acceptance rate but that just doesn’t seem right. If they accept about 750 students ED (half the class), and they got 2,550 early applications last year (including both rounds), that seems to indicate a much higher acceptance rate. One thing that’s interesting about this year is since Tufts is need-aware, many people who have been financially impacted by coronavirus might not apply.