Tuition Exchange for Fall 2021 Applicants

Just learned about this program today from DH’s work. (Wow, looks pretty amazing so far the very LITTLE I’ve managed to read this evening.)

Is there a thread or group that is already organized for those applying for Fall 2021? If so, please direct me. I searched but no luck other than that of those who applied for Fall 2020.

And, b/c I’m literally learning about this today, I’d value any feedback for someone like me who is just getting started. Complete newbie here.

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I will be following as well although I have a few years before my son applies. I do have friends/coworkers who have used the program before so I have limited knowledge.

I know the TE is harder and harder to get. Review the percentage of acceptances on the website.

Following. Using TE this year for USC (Southern California, not South Carolina). It’s one of the few schools that stacks TE with their NMF award, making it extremely affordable. Look carefully at award rates and talk directly if you can with representatives at the college your kid is interested in. At some schools, e.g., Rhodes College, they want an ED application for eligiblity. Many schools treat this as a scholarship, so competition can be fierce and awards can be to less than 10% of the applicant pool.

I am also following. I have twins who are seniors this year. It will be interesting to see how the whole process plays out in this strangest of years!

I would be interested to hear where they apply and get accepted if you are willing to share. My friends senior who is applying TE is choosing less popular/higher TE acceptance schools so it will be interesting to see how it all ends up. (the Child has already been accepted to the schools, just has to await the financial aspect with TEP in spring which is nerve-wracking for her).

My daughter had a good friend earn the tuition exchange at USC this past admission year. I think they have one of the best tuition exchange programs among all the universities.

My senior is applying for TE this year. I spent a lot of time on this site reading through previous TE threads, studying schools and trying to assess which might have the greatest odds of granting a scholarship. In the end, my kid just wanted to apply to schools with familiar names in familiar cities. All my research went out the window and we’re basically just hoping TE comes through somewhere but not counting on it. I think our state schools or home instution will be the most likely prospects but we will see. It is an interesting year for sure. Good luck to everyone.

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I’m in the middle of helping my d apply right now. Honestly, TE is pretty much a crapshoot & Covid has only made it more so. D has applied to 15 schools. Eleven are TE & the rest are in-state or public. She’s gotten accepted & been offered regular scholarships at 4 TE schools but now she has to wait/agonize til March/April to see if she gets TE from any of them.

My friends senior was accepted and given full TE at one school already. So although they are waiting on the others, they feel confident theres at least one option their child is okay with.

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S ended up applying ED to a school. (It’s not a TE one.) The on school that is on his list we will look at closer as the admission process unfolds…but I’m not optimistic that it it will being his ultimate choice. But never say never!

My S has applied ED to Trinity University (San Antonio). He also applied to my home institution but will withdraw that app if he is accepted to Trinity.

My D has applied to my home institution, Eckerd, Birmingham-Southern, Furman, and Southwestern U.

No word yet from any of the schools, but hopefully soon! Good luck to everyone and their seniors!

Hello everyone! We found out today that my D21 is eligible for export at my home institution which we are celebrating with caution as we understand how hard it is to get imported into TE colleges and universities.

She’s applying to 14 schools in total (nine TEs as we are heeding the advice of posters on this board to cast a wide net). The only school on her list with an EA option was my home institution which she does not want to attend.

The schools on her list are:

Bryn Mawr
Franklin and Marshall
Mount Holyoke
St. Lawrence
Home Institution

We think she’s competitive: 35 ACT, straight As in rigorous high school courses (likely to get her first B in AP Spanish V this semester), lots of ECs (although not in activities that usually have identified leadership positions like theater arts, improv and voice), weighted GPA is 4.2 (but class rank is only in the top 15%), 7 total APs by the end of this year and one dual enrollment course.

My husband and I have pored through these TE threads for the last year and want to thank everyone who has contributed to the limited TE knowledge base. It still seems like a mystery as to who gets offered TE but we are hoping for a few offers for D21 to consider and appreciate all the effort that has been done to shed some light on TE.

D21 is our one and only so if you have any advice for me, I’m all ears! Good luck to all of you and your seniors!


So for those of you who are old hands at TE, is there any correlation between being offered a scholarship, or offered a fairly large scholarship, and the likelihood of getting TE from those schools later?

Hello! I’m a TE parent who went through this process last year. Popping in to say good luck to all on this thread.

@foolfortravel to answer your question - yes, in our experience, there was a correlation. Of the three TE schools where my D20 was accepted, she was offered either the highest or 2nd highest merit awards offered at all, prior to being offered TE. Our strategy when applying was to choose schools where her stats put her comfortably in the top quartile of applicants.


Hi. I have a senior daughter and we are hopeful that we will receive TE from our host school where my husband is employed. They only give out 10 slots a year, based on seniority but my husband has worked there forever so we are hopeful he will get the benefit. Why they wait this long is beyond me. We should find out soon.

So, we plan to apply TE (mostly) in the Northeast:
Roger Williams
Ohio Weselyan (probably wont go here due to being far from home)
Mount Holyoke
Skidmore (daughter’s first choice but I know very competitive…)

Any TE experience with these schools would love to hear! Good luck everyone!

@DofAlumni My daughter is applying to Mt Holyoke and Skidmore too for TE. Skidmore is her #1 choice. Fingers crossed for us both!


My S just got TE at Case Western. We thought it was a bit of reach and are pleasantly surprised. So nice to hear about the TE scholarship with the acceptance letter too.


Case is already giving out TE? They must be one of the earliest schools. DD applied there for TE but we haven’t heard anything yet. What are your child’s stats & intended major?

My S applied EA and the TE notification came in the acceptance letter.
4.0 W w/ rigorous classes (10 or 11 APs)
31 ACT
History or poli sci for intended major (non-STEM)
ECs were mostly deep involvement in sport and summer camp
I read Case gives around 90 TE scholarships so the odds seem much better than many schools. Good luck to your kiddo.

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Just reading this thread now. I have a son who graduated in 20 and one that will graduate 22. My older son was a very competitive candidate (nine AP’s, no grade lower then an A and almost all A+'s, #1 out of 460 students, lots of leadership). I don’t think there is necessarily a correlation. Some of the schools he was offered TE at were not schools that he was offered any merit initially. I actually think that may have been a factor at some of the schools as to why he was not offered merit initially. He ended up being offered TE at BU (off of a waitlist even though he did not ask to be on it), American, Richmond, Delaware, Pitt, and Tulane. He got into Elon but did not get TE (they only give out 3 and I am guessing it was probably given to students that applied ED or at least EA) and was rejected at USC. He ended up not using TE since he got a full scholarship including room and board at a non TE school.