Tuition Exchange for Fall 2023 (Class of 2027)

This is the TE list we have so far and my predictions.

Pitt — Accepted - TE denied
AU — Accepted - TE denied
Syracuse — Accepted - TE awarded
Case — Accepted - TE awarded
Kalamazoo — Accepted - TE awarded
Fordham — Not sure
Bucknell — not sure

Ruled out BU because it doesn’t have the campus feel 23 is seeking. Same with Temple.

Ruled out Skidmore and Hobart — too small for 23. Ruled out Emerson because majors too limited but good for any kid who knows they want those majors!

Sadly ruled out Holyoke because all female.


I’ve been to the Wooster website several times and like what they have to say about research. If 23 was cool with a small school, I’d have kept Wooster on the list. I narrowed the list of smaller schools down. 23 will probably reject them, though. Lol

I think my son would be happiest at a bigger school.

But a 3.3 gpa isnt going to get him TE at many larger campuses.

Could he go somewhere smaller and transfer with improved grades to a larger school?

With TE thats not easy.

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My DD received TE from Delaware for the upcoming year. I can share with you the information I received from them. They typically have around 250 apply for TE. They award 18 and put 18 on the waitlist. It is based on straight stats–they are awarded “points” for GPA, test scores, etc. The 18 highest get offers and next 18 waitlisted. DD was originally placed on the waitlist, then awarded TE in early June.


If your child has a clear first choice, I highly recommend s/he sends a letter to the admissions rep and TE Liason at that school with specific information about what s/he likes about the school and that it is the first choice school. I am not sure if that helped my daughter get TE off the waitlist at University of Delaware, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt. Other than that–I will say, admissions was a crapshoot this year. My daughter applied for TE at Quinnipiac–denied, Marist–waitlisted, University of Delaware–waitlisted, then awarded, and Syracuse, where much to our surprise she was waitlisted for admission. Happy to answer any specific questions you may have. Enjoy the ride.

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This is my fear as well. My son’s only hope is that if he does choose a music major that he could have a slight advantage for that particular school. He just has to get past the academic admission part.

And Syracuse can still be out of price range even with TE.

Anyone know any medium to large TE schools with a higher percentage of TE offers?


If you are able to share stats, that would be wonderful. If not, I understand. :blush:

These are Tuition Exchange schools that have at least an 11-40% offer rate and are about 3k undergrads or more and offer some kind of a music major. The list is arranged by TE offer rate (higher ones at the top), and within the same offer rate from largest to smallest with respect to the number of undergrads (or close enough if I had estimated both at 4100, but one could be 4080 and then next 4120 and be out of order). I didn’t do any other kind of filter, but you know your son best and what might work for him.

61-90% TE offer rate

  • Mercy (NY): 61-90% TE offer rate; 6500 undergrads, 8800 total

41-60% TE offer rate

  • Long Island U – LIU Post (NY): 41-60% TE offer rate; 10k undergrads, 15k total
  • Park (MO): 41-60% TE offer rate; 7400 undergrads, 8800 total
  • University of Hartford (CT): 41-60% TE offer rate; 4k undergrads, 6k total students
  • U. of Indianapolis (IN): 41-60% TE offer rate; 4k undergrads, 5300 total
  • U. of Mary Hardin-Baylor (TX): 41-60% TE offer rate, 3200 undergrads, 3700 total
  • Anderson (SC): 41-60% TE offer rate; 3100 undergrads, 4k total

11-40% TE offer rate

  • Southern New Hampshire: 11-40% TE offer rate; no clue (6-figure enrollment b/c IPEDS includes online students, and I know there aren’t that many at the main campus)
  • Wayne State (MI): 11-40% TE offer rate; 17k undergrads, 25k total
  • Syracuse (NY): 11-40% TE offer rate; 15k undergrads, 22k total
  • DePaul (IL): 11-40% TE offer rate; 14k undergrads, 21k total
  • Saint Louis (MO): 11-40% TE offer rate; 8700 undergrads, 13k total
  • Belmont (TN): 11-40% TE offer rate; 7k undergrads, 8700 total
  • Seton Hall (NJ): 11-40% TE offer rate; 6k undergrads, 10k total
  • Adelphi (NY): 11-40% TE offer rate; 5200 undergrads, 7200 total
  • Xavier (OH): 11-40% TE offer rate; 5100 undergrads, 6600 total
  • Mercer (GA): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4900 undergrads, 9k total
  • U. of the Cumberlands (KY): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4800 undergrads, 20k total
  • U. of the Incarnate Word (TX): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4800 undergrads, 7500 total
  • Creighton (NE): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4500 undergrads, 8700 total
  • Suffolk (MA): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4200 undergrads, 6700 total
  • Saint Joseph’s (PA ): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4200 undergrads, 6500 total
  • Missouri Baptist: 11-40% TE offer rate; 4200 undergrads, 5k total
  • Providence (RI): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4200 undergrads, 4700 total
  • Aurora (IL): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4100 undergrads, 6100 total
  • Merrimack (MA): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4100 undergrads, 5400 total
  • Monmouth (NJ): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4100 undergrads, 5400 total
  • Lee (TN): 11-40% TE offer rate; 4k undergrads, 4500 total
  • Lewis (IL): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3900 undergrads, 6200 total
  • U. of Laverne (CA): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3700 undergrads, 6200 total
  • Ashland (OH): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3700 undergrads, 5k total
  • Samford (AL): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3600 undergrads, 5800 total
  • York (PA ): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3500 undergrads, 3800 total
  • Campbell (NC): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3300 undergrads, 5600 total
  • U. of the Pacific (CA): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3300 undergrads, 6k total
  • Barry (FL): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3300 undergrads, 7300 total
  • U. of Northwestern – St. Paul (MN): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3300 undergrads, 3400 total
  • Molloy (NY): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3300 undergrads, 4900 total
  • Western Colorado: 11-40% TE offer rate; 3200 undergrads, 3700 total
  • Saint Xavier (IL): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3100 undergrads, 3700 total
  • Abilene Christian (TX): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3100 undergrads, 4900 total
  • Dallas Baptist (TX): 11-40% TE offer rate; 3000 undergrads, 4300 total
  • Stetson (FL): 11-40% TE offer rate; 2900 undergrads, 4300 total

@AustenNut Rockstar info as always!


No problem. GPA was 4.1 UW, 4.6 W. 2 AP classes, the rest honors. ( We come from a small town, not a ton of AP classes offered). Test optional. 3 sport athlete for all 4 years of HS. Strong extracurriculars and leadership (varsity soccer captain, VP of Student Athlete Leadership Team). Her essay was very strong as well.


Do you know if they consider students who are applying test optional?

Thank you. That’s strange to be waitlisted at some of those schools. I wonder if the schools were yield protecting, because high stats kids are rejected for that reason sometimes.

Did your student attend admission events hosted by the schools?

Were they applying for a particular major?

So puzzling!

Is there a similar thread for the Council for Independent Colleges tuition program? I haven’t had luck with the search function. But apparently the award through them is full tuition.

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My daughter applied test optional to all of her schools.

Hi! My daughter was accepted for admission everywhere but Syracuse. She was waitlisted for TE at Marist and denied TE at Quinnipiac, but accepted with good merit at both. She applied as a Communications major.

I will say that admissions was very puzzling this past cycle for most of my daughters friends, esoecially the very high stats kids.


There are threads that mention the CIC program, but none that seem dedicated to it. Maybe because the program is so much better and easier to use than TE? TE seems so dysfunctional that it really does need a dedicated thread!

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My son will likely apply to Syracuse but hes low stats. We shall see what they say.

This list is getting smaller. 23 said no to AU and Case.

We may add Boston U, though it looked very expensive and looks like a reach.

Our non-TE schools might include UMD and UCONN.

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