Tuition Exchange for Fall 2023 (Class of 2027)

Hello, I haven’t seen a thread yet for freshmen applicants who will start college in Fall 2023.

We’ve visited a handful of schools on the list and are casting a wide net, because TE is so competitive.

I’m looking forward to cheering each other on through the process!


S23.Typical teen stuff, added with pandemic, throw in some new diagnosis adhd, and lastly lots of split family drama.
Kid has a 3.4 GPA right now. Hoping to keep it there. But in the end he could get between a 3.3-3.5.
Yet got a 35 ACT(Math, Reading, English all 34. Science 36).

We will submit scores to any schools who will take them.

He has interest in music major possibly and will submit a supplement. We are aware some schools do give music scholarships as well (hes a vocal bass.)

In a perfect world he would like a school that doesnt feel too small, is near activities (water or mountains are bonus), perhaps has football and/or big school spirit, club rugby and esports.If he doesnt major in music he might like the option to continue with vocal groups.

Other possible major interests could be in business, finance, auto industry, gaming industry, or aviation.

Im trying to break down the TE list for him. And with his low gpa, many of the schools that would tick more boxes on his wish list wont award him TE.

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Have you looked at Hobart and William Smith? It’s on a lake with D3 sports, except lacrosse is D1.

It seems to have a lot of spirit yet it is on the smaller side.

We were pleasantly surprised by our visit there.

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Was on the list. I wasnt sure how the town area was.

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It’s still on our list.

We didn’t make it all the way into the town. We did visit a coffee/sandwich shop that was big on “lake vibes” part way between the campus and the town.

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Just joining to share in the joys of researching TE accepting schools for my Class of 2027 kid.



Just went through it with my class of 2022 daughter. Happy to share our experience.


Thank you! I’d be eager to hear any wisdom you’d like to share. :blush:

Hi. I’m in the process of all this with my 2023 son. He’s determined to end up in NY or New England and it seemed like many of the TE and FACHEX schools there are hyper-competitive to get awarded a tuition grant.

Good luck to everyone trying to figure out the best lists of schools for them. While the possibility of a TE is great, it does add another element of confusion to an already confusing time.


Syracuse? Salve Regina?

Thanks for the suggestions! He’d really prefer a smaller campus, so Syracuse is a no-go. Salve Regina is beautiful! Unfortunately, it has almost no club sports opportunities and that’s a must for my S23.

He’s a good student (3.8/4.1 weighted, 1480 SAT, 9 APs, from the Midwest, largely unhooked), and should be able to get into some selective schools—except the college admissions world just seems to have gotten a little nuts.

He’s interested in the sciences & looking at:
Boston College - FACHEX
Fairfield University- FACHEX
Trinity College (my alma mater)
Conn College
Villanova (we hear this is impossible for freshman)
Xavier University (safety- even though OH)

As well as several need-blind selective LAC, which are probably reaches due to the low acceptance rates.

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I totally understand the club sport thing. Salve does have rugby which my son enjoys so thats why its a maybe from him.

My son has much lower stats so TE and FACHEX are going to be like winning the lottery. We will roll the dice and cross our fingers!

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Since you have Xavier and BC on the list, maybe U of Dayton? I know it is in Ohio and not New England yet maybe worth a website visit to check it out.

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Happy to see Pitt and Syracuse on the TE list. They are of interest.

Others we are considering: Bucknell, Conn College, maybe F&M.


Just want to make sure you know that Syracuse gives TE to anyone who is admitted. Their tuition is very expensive, and they only give the set TE rate, so that still leaves a decent chunk (~17K?). But depending on the program that the kid is applying to, the admissions aren’t super selective.

Pitt hardly gives out any TE awards and it’s super competitive to get one. Our kid wouldn’t even be applying to Pitt except that it’s so easy to apply and there’s a small possibility he’d attend even if he didn’t get TE.


I believe Syracuse was allowing stacking of aid?

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I can’t remember, but I think at least some people have said they received such offers. I swear there’s a few schools that claim they don’t stack aid and then some people get stacked offers anyway. We would need stacked aid to afford Syracuse. But it’s near the top of our son’s list, so he’s going to apply and cross fingers. We all just loved it so much when we visited. Seems like such a neat and unique school.

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I think S23 has his list basically finalized! He will apply EA where it’s offered, will have all apps submitted in early October.

His stats are 3.99UW/4.49W, 1510SAT, applying for engineering. We qualify for need-based aid at most places. Here’s the TE schools and our predictions about what will happen:

• Case Western Reserve University: deferred to RD with eventual acceptance and TE
• Milwaukee School of Engineering: accept with TE
• Rochester Institute of Technology: accept, probably TE
• Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology: accept, probably TE
• Syracuse: accept with TE
• U of Dayton: accept with TE
• U of Delaware: accept, TE denied
• U of Pittsburgh: accept, TE denied
• Worcester Polytechnic Institute: accept, TE denied

Will also apply to Purdue and U of Louisville (predict acceptance at both, with merit aid at U of L but not Purdue).

Good luck with the lists everyone!


I think my son will apply at U of Dayton and Syracuse as well. However his low gpa makes him an unlikely for TE at both.

As for free app vouchers…

My son is not aiming for competitive schools. He is on a few college email lists.

He now has free"preference" apps to NAU, Rollins, College of Wooster, Jacksonville U.