Tuition Exchange for Fall 2023 (Class of 2027)

Hi. Just chiming in here. My daughter graduated from high school in 2021 and is now a sophomore at Skidmore College in NY. And happy to report she is getting TE! It all came together at the bitter end b/c she was admitted regular decision but waitlisted for TE. We then did a lot of f/u with the admissions dept and the TE rep to let them know of her strong interest. Sometime in April we heard she got the TE slot. Phew! It still feels like a bit of a miracle that it worked out for her first choice school. She applied to schools in the Northeast. If anyone has any questions about our experience happy to share!


Thank you so much, @SuntasticMom! I recall your story about Skidmore. What a gorgeous campus and pretty town.

I was impressed with their high rate of medical school acceptances. :blush:

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Lots of opportunities to do research with professors pretty early on which has been great! My D is a biology major but more interested in the research side, not medical school. I didnt even know they had a high rate of acceptance to medical school but not surprised! :grinning: Good luck with your search!


Hey All,

Hope the process is going well for you all so far! I have some dumb questions (TE is not clear on a number of things) regarding the application process:

  1. When you send in your TE application to your home school’s exporting TELO, do you need to be ready to simultaneously apply to the schools on the list at that point? My D23 is ready with her list for TE (so the TE application is ready to go), but she is not ready to submit school applications yet (still one more ACT to take, and essays to write).

  2. Assuming that the TE application deadline at a school is (say) Jan 1st (which seems usual), does it matter when the student’s application at that school arrives, assuming that it is before Jan 1st (or whatever the TE application deadline is for that school)?

Sorry for these basic questions, but TE instructions aren’t as clear as they could be (at least in my view). Or I might just be overthinking this. I am emailing my TELO on these issues, but I’m curious how people handled the different dates for TE application and school application (or are handing this).


My understanding is that each school will handle it differently. I can tell you how it is for us, yet please check with your school’s rep since it might be different there.

Our rep said to give her the college list as soon as we could. If the timing doesn’t match up exactly, that seems to be okay.

Each school seems to have a TE deadline, too, which might be on the main TE website.

Our school’s rep asked us to send them our list by Oct. 15, and they will let us know by Oct. 30 if they can sponsor us (I already know they will because we have had a zoom call with the rep). They said to go ahead and apply to our schools. When we get the go ahead we will fill out the TE application. I believe it is very simple. I also think that it will link to your student’s application once both are submitted, but at that point I will confirm with the school if needed. Also check the TE site for TE deadlines, our earliest is December 1.

I have a general question. Two of the TE schools on our list also have merit scholarships that applicants are automatically considered for. Some of these are full tuition where the TE maxxes out at 40k. If we have already applied for TE would that hurt chances for the full tuition scholarships? Wondering if a college would think, we can give this kid the TE and save the full for someone else. Anyone on here ever apply for TE and wnd up being offered the better merit scholarship?

I think the answer will vary based on the import school. I wish I had a better answer for you!

If you feel comfortable doing so, you could email the import school contact to see how they handle it.

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They TE deadline for most schools (all the ones D23 is applying to) are in January. That part is covered, since my TELO will inform them in October. I’m just confused as to whether the normal application process has to happen at the same time, or if you can just apply in Nov or Dec. There’s no info on TE’s page that says how the two (TE app and regular college app) work in tandem together in terms of timelines.

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We’re already “unofficially” approved (we have more imports, generally). Our earliest TE deadline is Jan 1. So, my question is - since in October my TELO is sending those schools the notification that my D will be requesting TE, is it a problem that she doesn’t send the college app until Nov or early Dec? I’d think it shouldn’t matter, since they don’t appear to meet to decide TE until the next year. But it doesn’t say on the TE site.

On your other question, I’m not sure, but I can’t imagine that one would have to do with the other. I know I’ve seen people on this forum with kids in that position - had the TE scholarship and also a bunch of merit scholarships, and then they had to pick which to go with.

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I think it’s important to consider where these various monies are coming from. I believe that TE money is coming from the HR budget whereas Aid/Merit is coming from the FA budget. Of course it might be different at different institutions as HR might ‘give’ the money to FA and it all gets lumped together. But if there is a separation then it would seemingly impact how these things are awarded. For example my D17 did not get TE from Pitt but did receive a Full Tuition merit aid. Her being instate seems to make sense in that Pitt’s FA office is better off using TE monies for out-of-state students and using FA merit aid for instate students. It might be better off to an institution to use TE for top students if it’s close enough to the merit awards in consideration.

As to your specific question I believe my D17 did get a better Merit offer from Fordham than the TE amount. I believe the TE amount was less than full tuition and she did receive a full tuition merit aid package. One place she did not was Boston University where she received TE only. Perhaps she did not warrant BU’s full tuition merit scholarship but she did get the highest merit scholarships from WashU, Rice and Smith so she was a strong candidate.


Do you have to pay a fee to your place of work in order to apply to a TE school?

@Kombucha22 Yes there is a fee to apply for TE through our school. However, I believe he gets up to 10 “free” FACHEX waiver schools.

Not sure what you mean by paying a fee to apply to a TE school? We have to pay any normal application fees, but there is no separate fee to apply TE.

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Same. As far as I know, we don’t have to pay a fee to our school to apply to another school through TE.


I have downloaded both the FACHEX (for Jesuit schools) and the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP) Certification request forms for our home school.

My colleges gives 10 free FACHEX certifications. However, it charges $25 to certify for eligibility for TEP.

“Payment of a certification fee of $25 per school for the first 10 certifications should accompany this request. A fee of $35 per school is charged for any additional certifications. Certifications are not processed without the fee.”


FACHEX is one of the good platforms for Jesuit schools, as they are offering different programs. I have also attempted their sessions. I feel like it’s good for the students.

You can also contact here for students help

Hi all. I don’t know all the shortcut lingo for posting on threads, so forgive me. Got third child applying for TE for 23. So, this is my 3rd time through the process. Here in Philadelphia- all 3 kids were pretty good students. Some general observations below I didn’t know when I started out with TE.

  • Get your TE application in ASAP. I really blew it for the DS in 2018. Sooner probably would have been better. He ended up 4th in line for 3 TE awards at Elon, and never did get it, but went there anyway. Not sure we’d make the same decision again… but, yes well.

*Not all schools give TE to freshman. My daughter didn’t get TE at U Scranton until sophomore year, but she is good now and it’s full tuition, over $54,000 per year, so worth it or course.

*As many people have stated here, be careful, a TE set rate school may not offer what is needed to make it affordable. Syracuse for DS and Loyola for DD were not worth it with TE- still cost way too much after TE.

*Due to being on waitlists for TE and so forth, if TE is critical, be prepared to wait until after May 1 to know where you’re going to go if you’re waitlisted for TE b/c TE’s are often given out again after people turn them down. As others have stated here, some are given in mid-late May/June.

*We seemed to have more luck with local schools to the exporting school.

That’s it for now.


We have to wait until our home school’s TE person gives us the go-ahead to fill out the TE application. So, make sure you are working with your school and know what the process is.

Dropped a school off the potential list. Just realized the TE deadline was Sept 16th. Bye U of St. Thomas.

My daughter (class of 22) applied for TE last year before actually applying to the schools. It was not an issue. Hope this helps!

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