U of Richmond -Class of 2024 ED/EA

No one started a thread yet for Richmond’s ED1, ED2 or EA, so I thought I would start one. I visited the school, and it seems like a great place. Given the relatively high ranking, I’m surprised the board isn’t more active. It’s also surprising given the fact that Robins is a pretty good business school

I applied ED1 to Richmond – I’m interested in Robins for a double concentration in Data Analytics and Management Consulting. I also visited Richmond and was surprised by how much I liked it, although I am a bit concerned about the noticeable Greek culture on campus. I’ve been told that it’s not a big deal and there are plenty of other ways to get involved and meet people, which I love doing so hopefully that won’t be a problem for me. :slight_smile:

Also, I’d love to know anyone else who applied ED1 to Richmond!

@Arovok Do you mind sharing your stats? I’ve got a superscored 35 ACT and a 1460 SAT. My understanding is that UR now superscores the ACT. I think it’s the first time. Without the superscore, I have a 34 ACT.

@SlimJim001 If I recall correctly, I do believe they superscore – your test scores seem extremely strong for Richmond (I believe the median is around 31-34 ACT, 1370-1500 SAT for accepted students). I have a 32 ACT, my superscore is the same as well.

So, my ACT is over the top quartile, but my brother last year had a 1560 SAT and a 35 ACT and was denied by 15 schools and accepted to only 2. So, …

Did your brother apply to Richmond?

@EconPop No, he didn’t apply to Richmond. I think he probably would’ve been accepted. My father couldn’t talk him into Richmond. He applied to a lot of other schools that were top 30 (only 1 Ivy - Cornell). He was only accepted to one Elite school.

@SlimJim001 , those t30 schools are all a crap shoot for all high stats students, a roll of the dice. There’s no way to predict acceptance. Getting 2 out of 15 is 13% which is probably the average acceptance rate of the t30. He got pretty much the exact acceptance rate he should have expected.

OTOH, applying to UR with those stats would have been a much surer bet. I think your stats will get you an acceptance into UR.

@SlimJim001 Are you applying EA or ED?

I’ll be curious if any of the high stat ED kids get any merit. I’ll be following this thread!

I applied EDI with a ACT of 30 and an intended PPEL major. I know that decisions won’t arrive in the mail by approximately December 15 (which is a Sunday so I don’t know when to really expect it), but I check my mail, email and portal every day, hoping for some update. Good luck everyone!

What are the stats expected of a Richmond Scholar?

Has anyone heard from any other school they applied to for EA? My daughter heard from U Delaware so far.

My kid spoke to a U of R rep who said Richmond Scholars were generally for kids who had a score over 1500 on the SAT (as well as other great qualities). I was surprised she gave a number, because usually colleges are more elusive with such figures.

@alogan My daughter applied EA everywhere, and so far has been accepted at Pitt & Clemson

I just realized I’ve been checking my portal everyday just to realize that results are mailed out…unless I am mistaken and they are viewable via portal as well?

Does anyone know if they’ve mailed anything out yet?

Don’t think they’ve mailed anything out yet, I think ED1 hears back around Dec. 15 (at least, that’s according to UR’s website). If you’re in-state it’s possible you may hear back earlier, I know of several people who applied to schools in my own state and have heard back already (even though the official release date is not for a week or two)

In the past, UR Admissions has tweeted when they send out letters. Also, I believe I read somewhere on these boards they may actually send emails this year.

I just called. They are letting people know by regular mail – according to the girl who answered the phone. She said the letters/packets usually go out a few days early. She said (although I’m not sure she was positive by the sound of her voice) that they weren’t going to update the portal.