U Tampa EA - no word yet

U Tampa EA was supposed to be notified by 12/15. We haven’t heard anything.

My daughter heard via portal on Nov 28th and snail mail a few days after. Are you sure the appliywas complete? If so you may want to give them a call.

Yes, her portal says her application has been completed since Nov1!! My daughter emailed admissions today and we shall see what might be missing or incorrect. Thank you for responding. Congrats to your daughter!!!

Thank you! Fingers crossed for your daughter! Is it her favorite? Hope all goes well for her and if so I found wonderful info on the parents Facebook group, it much better than these forums.

I got in on the 3rd as a Mathematical Programming major

3.5 gpa
1150 sat [550 math / 600 erw]
all ib classes
black… gl man.


I applied EA and only got my financial aid packet as of December 31. I never got an admissions letter though. 3.99 weighted GPA 1290 SAT with Presidential scholarship. Goodluck!

I applied EA as well, and on my portal, it says “You have been at the Application Complete stage since 11/28/2018.” Any idea when I will get my decision?

Same here. Portal says App Complete stage since 11/29 and the timeframe is supposed to be “4-6 weeks” from that date. Still no update. We did, however, just receive an email inviting us to the next Open House in Tampa in February for “prospective undergrads”. Anyone else get that email?

Yes, I got that email as well. Could that be a good sign possibly?

@Husky0830 ^^

No idea Josh0801. I want to hope so, but I just don’t know. We wrote to admissions and keep getting the same stock response: “it’s about 4-6 weeks from time of application complete”. Now that it’s beyond 6 weeks, they said “it may take additional time due to the holiday break”!

My daughters application has been complete since December 4th. We check every single day sometimes numerous times a day. Still nothing!

Has anyone that was waiting heard yet? Anyone else still waiting? My daughters application was complete as of December 21st and we are still waiting…