UAH medical school acceptance

I’ve been accepted to UTK and hope to pursue a medical degree post-graduation, but I’ve realized that I will struggle being so far from home. UAH (university of alabama Huntsville) is much closer, but I don’t know how different my chances of being accepted to a medical school would be affected by a transfer, or even if UAH is a good choice for pre-med. Any advice or info about UAH’s science program and its quality of MCAT preparation?

No clue if it’s good -but most say get good grades, do extracurriculars, and save $$. UAH is cheap.

I imagine you can get to where you want to go from both but neither is probably a huge feeder.

UAH - Pre-Professional Advising - Medicine

Your peace of mind is priceless if you decide to go to UAH instead of UTK.
UAB medical school has clinics around the state and in Huntsville, which could be available for when you would seek patient care experience.

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Why does close to home matter? UTK isn’t far from Huntsville. Part of going to college is experiencing life on your own. Yes, it’s nice to be close - but Knoxville to Huntsville is a quick 3.5 hour drive.

Confidence is needed. Some fear is normal, but I hope question is about fit. Hope decision not made in fear. UTK on paper has robust prehealth advising and established programs. Has more than twice as many students than UAH.

UAH is growing, which may have its own challenges.