UC Berkeley Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

Does anyone have the color gray ?

I was wondering the same thing :thinking:. Seems like UCB’s version of squid games…

Do you have it?

Mine is green too. Don’t think it means anything

I am international who appealed rejection, but even if they accept my appeal in July, how do I prepare all the documents, including visa, and get them approved by the government lol… Maybe I will have to defer my admission to next year.

UCB rarely grants deferrals so I would not count on this option if admitted off the waitlist, however there are exceptions.

Q: May I defer my admission to next fall?
Q: I have been admitted to the fall term. May I defer my admission to spring?
A: The Office of Undergraduate Admission rarely approves requests to defer admission to a future term or academic year. However, students who would like to request a deferral of enrollment may submit the Request for Deferment form. The Request for Deferment form will be available from May 1 to June 15, 2022. You will receive a response to your request for deferment by July 31, 2022.

Exactly I’m in the same boat + my scholarship will not approve anyth By now sooo… it’s like i got rejected

Exactly. Nobody would appeal by this time, even if waitlist students are allowed to appeal. If Berkeley rejected these “waitlist” students on March 24, I bet they would have been inundated with appeals.

Can this mean anything? Idk if this would help us

If you read the actual document, there may be some hope for some. https://abgt.assembly.ca.gov/sites/abgt.assembly.ca.gov/files/Floor%20Report%20of%20the%202022-23%20Budget%20(June%2013%2C%202022).pdf

UCs: Modifies enrollment targets for UC by allowing UC to support up to 5,009 previously
unfunded full-time equivalent students, and to support at least 1,221 new California
students in Fall 2022, as well as 902 new California students who will replace nonresident
students at the Berkeley, San Diego and Los Angeles campuses. Budget bill language
also allows UC to use Governor’s Budget enrollment funding to increase enrollment
beyond the Fall 2022 target.

CSUs: Modifies enrollment targets for CSU by requiring resident undergraduate enrollment
growth of 9,434 additional full-time equivalent students from 2021–22 to 2022–23, and
states legislative intent to provide funding to support 5,249 full-time equivalent resident
students over the 2022–23 level. The Legislature intends to add $17 million ongoing
General Fund in 2023-24 above the Governor’s Budget to support this growth.


anyone got off the waitlist today?

UCD-WL, then REJ
UCSB-WL, then REJ-then appeal
UCSD didn’t apply
UCR-Didn’t apply
UCM-automatic acceptance-didn’t accept

UCM - Didn’t apply
UCSB - Rejected

UCD - Waitlisted, didn’t join
UCSD - Waitlisted, rejected

UCR - Accepted, didn’t attend
UCSC - Accepted, didn’t attend

UCI - Waitlisted, waiting
UCLA - Waitlisted, waiting
UCB - Waitlisted, waiting

Major: CS

I emailed them about when they will send out wl decisions and they replied to me by saying that the latest would be by the end of July. But then they went to say there is a possibility that I might hear back earlier.

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that is literally so vague

where are you planning on attending ?

Cal Poly SLO at the moment

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I just doubled check my applicant portal to see if there were any updates. And I just noticed that apparently I submitted my waitlist on April 16th but I know for sure I submitted on the 15th since I
double checked and got an email confirmation of my waitlist submission on the 15th before the deadline. And I’m kinda panicking wondering if they’re not gonna review it. Should I contact them about it?

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If you submitted it in the evening or at night, it could be the time difference. I submitted mine on the 15th in the morning, but the portal says it was submitted in the evening.