UC Berkeley Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

yea it was in spam, rejected :frowning:

Hi Yujidion,
None according to this forum or close to zero. I know who to root for after how they “handled” the waitlist. Go Bokovoy!

It feels so void and meaningless to finally realize that the result of months of waiting is just that simple rejection update via email (not even a portal update). If they were to reject us anyway, they could’ve done it a little faster. The feeling of getting rejected twice from a same university allows me to ponder how meaningless I am as an applicant.


You’re not meaningless as an applicant! Berkeley not accepting you doesn’t define you or your future. You are way too amazing and have been putting a lot of hard work for college for such a long time! Your hard work is definitely going to pay off in the future!! You are brilliant and wonderful!!

You sound like a standard rejection letter. I am sure group_forbetter will feel better after reading your comment. Go Bokovoy!