UC Cosmos 2022

hey y’all! didn’t see any dedicated COSMOS threads for this year, so i figured i’d make one for the sake of discussion. decisions are coming out this Friday, so best of luck to all of you! no matter what happens, we’ll all have a great summer :slight_smile:

i applied to ucd c1 and c2, quantum + nanotech and physics/eng.

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ucd c4 here

I am so scaredd bro. I applied for ucsc c7 and c3

ucsd c11 + c13

applied to uci 6 + 1 gl y’all :slight_smile:

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i did ucd c6 and 3. do decisions come out april 1 or 8?

My son applied to UCSC - I can’t remember which two. Someone from the school emailed him a few weeks ago and asked if he’d consider a different one that was pretty new and he said yes so I believe they put that as his number 1. He was actually interested in it but could only choose two. I take it that’s a good sign?

April 1st at 5pm PDT.

ooh im doing uci 5 :slight_smile: hopefully we both get in and we can meet

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UCD cluster 9

Does anyone know what time application decisions will come out? I’m kind of anxious lol. Applied UCSC C7 and C9

it says on the completed application email that its april 8?

ig we’ll see in 37 minutes

look at their website

On the official instagram it says today at 5 pm so the e-mail was prob a typo

My parent portal now says “Admitted” instead of “In Review” and has the link for making the deposit.

Best of luck to all of you (or your student if you’re a fellow parent)

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Wasn’t admitted, I’m a freshman and still have the next two years though. Good job to everyone who got in!

This was my son’s 3rd year applying. He’s a current sophomore.

I got in to ucsc cluster 7: environmental toxicology and microbiology!


Also, I can say that my son had good experiences with both Rosetta Institute for Biomedical Research in Berkeley and Pathways to Stem Cell Engineering in Torrance if you’re interested in biotech lab camps.