UC Davis Waitlist 2025

I got wl :frowning: We’ll see how it goes

Hopefully a wave comes out this friday. fingers crossed

Does the timing of submitting the waitlist confirmation matter?

No, as long it is submitted by the deadline.

Every UC has already sent out a wave except Davis :weary:

Has anyone received a wait list from Santa Cruz?

I don’t think there have been any pulled off the waitlist at Santa Cruz either

whattt really? does davis think they’re special or something

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DAVIS, I think you’re special! Lol

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No waitlist movement from Davis, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz so far. Hopefully some movement by end of this week

My son is waitlisted on Davis and UCSC, accepted to UC Riverside. We paid the SIR deposit and I am wondering if it’s time to get a housing contract (and pay another deposit) or wait a little longer. He’s convinced that he won’t hear about waiting lists till late June.

Same here. Waitlisted on Cal Poly SLO, UCD, UCSC. Accepted to UCR. Paid SIR and the housing. hope we hear from UCD soon. Good luck to everyone!

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Haha true! Davis pleaseee accept me

It is likely that the UCs would send out a wave soon in May. They do rollouts until June 30th because of people that uncommit from their school for other waitlists or when someone that they accept off the waitlist doesn’t accept their offer.

My son will happily give up his Davis Pols Sci spot if he clears UCSB waitlist after the June 1st transfer commitment date when they have to put done $2k deposit.

Any chance they might take people off the waitlist today?

I hope! Last year the first wave came out on May 7th (I’m pretty sure) so hopefully some come out today.

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Fingers crossed. The anticipation is killing me, the school I committed to is asking for more and more money and I don’t wanna give more incase I get off the waitlist for Davis

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Anyone get off the waitlist? Davis is taking unusually long

Is there a possibility that their class is full this year? Or would they have told us that by now?