UC Riverside Freshman Class of 2027 Waitlist/Appeal Thread

UC Riverside usually starts rolling admissions at the beginnng of March so I have started the Waitlist/Appeal discussion.

Waitlist admits starting May 12, 2022. Some waitlisted students were offered open majors (not their 1st or alternate choice) August 2. Waitlist closed after August 10

For the Waitlist, remember that the # admitted varies from year to year. Here are some stats from the last few years.

UCR Waitlist 2022 from CDS:
Number waitlisted: 11882
Opt ins: 5769
Admits: 2282

Appeals: 192. Admits: 88


Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list: 12162
Number accepting a place on the waitlist 5997
Number of waitlisted students admitted 4992

Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list:11,319
Number accepting a place on the waiting list:5,638
Number of wait-listed students admitted:3,828

Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list:7776
Number accepting a place on the waiting list: 4015
Number of wait-listed students admitted: 1375

For Appeals:

Complete the online appeal form located on your MyUCR account. No written appeals sent via U.S. mail, faxed, emailed or hand delivered will be accepted.

Please note that while all appeals will be considered, it is not recommended that you appeal an admission decision unless there is new and compelling information that we would not have been able to obtain from your application that would have led us to a different decision. Please note that applicants can not appeal to be placed on the waitlist.

That’s a shed load of accepts off waitlist and appeals

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Did anyone get denied yet :sob: i didnt get a decision yet and im starting to think im denied :sob: from UCR LIKE i wasnt gonna go there but im suppose to reject them not them reject me :unamused::unamused:

Only acceptances have been posted so far. No denials or waitlist. Last year another admission wave came out later in the March.

Was the second wave of acceptances only last year or was it previous years as well ?

UCR historically has had a couple of admission waves. Each year is different and not always on specific dates but since only admits have been posted, there are definitely more decisions coming.


By Son was waitlisted for data science @UCR, When do we get to know if we would be admitted

Most schools will not go to their waitlist until after the May 1 SIR deadline, so all waitlisted students need to enroll at another school.

If there are open spots after May 1, then UCR will go to their waitlist and start admitting students. There is no specific type frame on when and if a student will be admitted but some schools will keep their waitlists open until July/August.

Last year, waitlist admits started May 12 and the waitlist remained open until August 10.

Does anyone know if waitlisted students are invited to attend UCR’s admitted students day?

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What were his stats

Can you appeal after getting waitlisted at UCR?

No, you cannot appeal while on the waitlist. You must be denied before you can file an appeal.

Received a Financial Aid Award email today. Is this normal while on the waitlist?

Yes, the financial aid office still needs to prepare the waitlisted students FA packages in case they are admitted since usually decisions need to be made within 5-7 days. Having the FA package ready is an important part of the waitlist decision process.

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Thank you for the information and quick response.

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Can we submit a major change request during waitlist ?

You can contact admission about changing majors but it is highly unlikely since several applicants tried to change majors prior to being waitlisted/denied and the major change was not approved.

(951) 827-3411

Thanks @Gumbymom

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Hey all I have completed everything but I really want to show continued intrest regarding me attending this school. What should I do?