**UC San Diego Class of 2025 Decisions (Stats only)**

Please post your decision, stats and other pertinent information using the template. Best of luck to all applicants.

Decision: Admitted

Decision: Waitlisted

Decision: Rejected

Merit scholarships awarded (if any):

Major (and division if applicable) applied to:


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UC Unweighted GPA:

UC Capped Weighted GPA:

UC Fully Weighted GPA:

ELC (top 9%):

Comments about course load (including senior year):

SAT Subject Tests (if any):

AP exams (scores in parentheses):

IB exams (score in parentheses):

Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):


For the following, indicate level of recognition or award (e.g. local, state, national, international) and/or leadership roles:


Job/Work Experience:

Volunteer/Community service:

Summer Activities:

Personal Insight essays (details):

Letters of recommendation/Augmented Review:


State (if domestic applicant):

Country (if international applicant):

High school type:


Applied for need-based financial aid?:

Pell grant eligible?:

Maximum Pell grant (FAFSA EFC = $0)?:

Highest level of parent education:

Living with both, one, or no parents?:




Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected:

Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected:



Twin 1
Decision: Waitlisted
Major: Undeclared
ELC (top 9%): Not sure because of P/NP spring semester
Weighted GPA: 4.26
UW GPA: 4.0
ACT: 34
Good essays and ECs, no leadership
Instate: Yes
High school: Public

Accepted to: UCD, UCSB, UCSC, Cal Poly SLO, McGill, Lewis and Clark, University of Hawaii
Waitlisted: UCSD
Rejected: Stanford, UCLA
Still waiting: UCB

Twin 2
Decision: Waitlisted
Major: Undeclared
ELC (top 9%): No
Weighted GPA: 4.22
UW GPA: 3.94
ACT: 35
Good essays and ECs, leadership
Instate: Yes
High school: Public

Accepted to: UCD, Cal Poly SLO, McGill, Lewis and Clark, University of Hawaii
Waitlisted: UCSD, UCSB, UCSC
Rejected: Stanford, UCLA
Still waiting: UCB


S21 admitted to EE/Earl Warren College
GPA : UCUW 3.96 ; UC Capped 4.22 ; UC Uncapped 4.52
ELC: yes
13 AP Courses, maxed out STEM classes
Awards: AP Scholar w/Distinction
3 yrs boys varsity tennis, tennis coach job, girls’ tennis team manager
Community service
Major-related summer internship
Decent PIQs
Public high school (large, 750 students in graduating class, mid-low poverty level
No need-based aid
Accepted: UIUC, Purdue, CP SLO, UCI (regents), UCR (regents), UCSB, UCD, UCSC, Mines, U of A/ASU (honors).
Denied: GA Tech, CATech, MIT UT Austin
Waiting: UCLA, USC, CMU, UCB

Great stats! Wow. I have a feeling they are going after out-of-state for more $$.

I got in and I am OOS.

ADMITTED on 3/19
MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering with a Specialization in Controls and Robotics
GPA - 3.71 UW, 4.13 W
Honors - National Honor Society, Mathematics National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society.
CLUBS / LEAGUES - Math League, Science League, Computer Science Club, Ski Club
AP Classes - AP Comp Sci A (4), AP Stats (3), AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C Mech
Honor Classes - Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Biology, World History, French 2, Precalc, Chemistry I, US History I, Chemistry II, Physics, US History 2, Intro to Robotics
College - “Jump Start Program” / “College Dual Enrollment Program” - 4 classes total; 3.85 GPA
SAT - 1370 (690 Read/Write; 680 Math)

SPORTS - Varsity 4 years Swim; Captain; School Record; planning to swim for Div III team (not yet accepted into UCSC team though). Volleyball JV. Club competitive swimmer 14 years.
JOB - over the summer; mostly lifeguard
VOLUNTEERING - some + Interact Club (Rotary)

OTHER - White, Male, Out-of-State (NJ), Public High School
Not a minority, not 1st Gen, not Vet

SCHOLARSHIP - $0 (the only school without a scholarship - even UC SC gave me $10K. $0 grants besides Pell (got from all other schools).

Accepted: Virginia Tech, Illinois Tech, Rochester Tech, Rose-Hulman, UC Santa Cruz, Worcester (WPI)
Denied: MIT, Caltech, Hopkins
Waiting: Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, NYU, Stanford

Decision: Waitlisted
Major: CS
ELC - unknown
UC Weighted GPA: 4.4
UC capped: 4.16-4.2
UW GPA: 3.75
ACT: 34
Good essays and ECs, good leadership
Instate: Yes
High school: Public

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Decision: Accepted
Major: Applied computer science, accepted bio (second choice major)
Seventh College
ELC (top 9%): Yes
Weighted GPA: 4.5
UW GPA: 3.94
ACT: 33
Strong rigor for hs, 6 APs
“Fresh” essay per GC and unusual STEM ECs, 400 hours community service, no leadership, varsity sport
Instate: Yes
High school: Small Catholic
No need aid
White male

Accepted to: UCSC, Santa Clara, CU Boulder, Seattle U, U Vermont Honors, Mines, WPI, and others
Rejected: UCSB, Cal Poly
Waitlisted: UW, UC Davis, UCLA
Still waiting: Notre Dame, Dartmouth, BC, Middlebury, Williams, Tufts, Colgate


Admission Decision: Daughter accepted with her 2nd Choice major: Structural engineering
Revelle College
HS GPA: 3.97 unweighted, I don’t know her UC GPA
Running Start GPA: 3.97 (classes at the local college)
OOS (Washington state)
4A Public HS in Covington, WA (SE of Seattle)
3 AP’s & enrolled in local college for her junior and senior year
College classes: Calc 3 & 4, Engineering Physics series (3 quarters), Statics, Dynamics and other various engineering electives.
Will also graduate with an AA. Will have finished her GE’s including public speaking (she will have completed over 90 units at the end of the spring quarter)

Lives with both parents who have college degrees
No financial aid given

Completed a lot of community service hours (school and church) School orchestra, Nat’l Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa (College), Conk Crew (mentoring incoming freshmen) She was a competitive club gymnast for 9 years (Level 9 Western National Beam Champ) Team Coach.
Essays: I only remember one essay where she wrote about a humorous story about our roosters that we used to have.

Accepted in ME: SDSU , Oregon State (WUE), Seattle U & Cal Poly SLO
Waitlisted in ME: Cal Poly Pomona

UCSD was the last school we were waiting for a decision.

Yay! Done forever! She’s my last kid.

She says she will choose between the schools where she got her 1st choice major of Mechanical Engineering.

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act: 33
gpa: 3.5uw 4.3w
rank: n/a
ap: 5
residency: oos
outcome: admitted
major: molecular and cell biology
college: muir

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Decision: Accepted
Major: Psychology
College: Roosevelt

Unweighted UC GPA: 3.82
Capped Weighted: 4.11
Fully Weighted: 4.14
Course Load: All honors, No APs (not offered at my school), IB Diploma Candidate
IB Exams: Psychology SL (6), Chem HL, Math AI SL, English HL, History HL, Spanish B SL
ACT: 34

ECs: Model UN (president), Environmental Club (club leader), Drama Club, Spanish Club, Service Club, middle school volleyball coach, local magazine journalist, stage manager, actor, and children’s teacher for local community theatre/nonprofit organization, NHS

Awards: Leadership Award (theatre-based), Service Award (school, 4 years)

Job/Work Experience: Hostess at Country Club (2.5 years), Server Assistant at Country Club (1.5 years), Babysitting (5 years)

Volunteer: Theatre stuff listed above, arts education instructor for underprivileged elementary school students, volunteer at local homeless shelter

Personal Insight: All really well-done according to my counselors, probably 8-9/10

State: WI
High School Type: Private/Catholic
Gender: Female
Didn’t apply for need-based aid
Highest Level of Parent Education: MD
Lives with both parents (divorced, separate homes)

Strengths: Good essays, strong theme in ECs, test scores (not applicable at UCs this year)
Weaknesses: Lower GPA, lack of ECs/awards that show my interest in major
Also accepted at UW-Madison (in state), U Minnesota, Alabama, UCI
Waitlisted UCSB
Rejected from UNC
Waiting on 8 more target/reach schools

Accepted - OOS (Also accepted to UCSB, Northeastern; Fordham; UW Madison)
Political science/public policy
3.89 GPA UW; 4.36 W
12 APs (Gov; Macro; Euro; Psych; Bio; Lit; APUSH; Calc AB*; Stats*; Lang*; World*; Comp Sci*)
4 and 5s on all AP exams (*not taken exam yet)
Summa cum laude
State champion - DECA - business entrepreneurship
Formed own business (LLC) in 2018
Varsity tennis – no. 1 singles; all 4 years; captain all 4 years
Varsity soccer – sophmore-senior year; captain senior year
Club soccer – state league premier and Midwest Conference

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Since I promised to post all results regardless of outcome for future stats-gatherers:

  • Admission Decision: Waitlisted
  • Major: Computer Science
  • GPA:
    – Weighted GPA: 4.29 (uncapped)
    – Unweighted GPA: 4.0
  • In-state, non-local
  • HS course rigor: 5 AP & 1 CC (AP Comp Sci A (4), AP Comp Sci Prin (5), AP Physics 1 (5), AP CALC A/B, & CALC B/C (pending), and a college Computer Programming class) A-G Reqs: A-2.5, B-4, C-6, D-4, E-3, F-1, G-3.5.
  • EC’s and major-related job:
    – EPP Participation: none
    – Work: 21+ hours/wk, major-related
    – EC: 11-15 hours/wk, w/ leadership (varsity tennis, officer in his school’s Cyber Patriot team, student rep to district’s CTE comp sci pathway, CSF, 120 hours of volunteer work)