The campus is completely open. The only thing you won’t be able to do is access buildings and classrooms.


Thank you so much! Really appreciate.

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I found the one for 2020-2021 which has different minimum GPAs for the BA versus the BS degree:

Hi, is there an honors program incoming freshman can apply to at ucsc?

There is the College Scholars program:


Invited for income freshmen already went out, but I believe you can apply for the program at a later point.

Thank you! This is really helpful.

Just SIR’d to UCSC. It’s official, I’m a BANANA SLUG!!


Congrats! My son may be joining you for CS. Not sure yet but good chance at this point. Thanks for sharing your posts about the school.


Congratulations on making your decision!

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Have you gotten any information on upcoming fall reopening webinars? I thought there was one coming up this Saturday April 3rd, but I don’t see it listed on the UCSC calendar, and my son hasn’t gotten any email about it. Admissions had told me to look on their yes.ucsc.edu website but when I look there, still no mention.

No and I don’t see anything scheduled before May 1st on the list of events. We didn’t register for 4/3 since I went to the earlier one, but maybe someone else on CC did and can tell us if they got confirmation? Please let me know if you get an update. This is one of my S’ best choices but if all remote it’s a deal breaker. We definitely need to know what’s going on.

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I put in an email to admissions again and I’ll let you know if they give any more specific information.


Congratulations and wishing you the best! My son has also made up his mind and will be joining you😊


My son is registered for virtual event this Saturday and he received the confirmation email with the link.

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Wohoo! Congrats to your son! Can’t wait to hopefully move up there in the fall.

Can you provide the link on how to register?

Congratulations! All these CS guys!

Try this link if it works


You will need user ID and password

Alas, it just gives an error. Thanks, though. Did he hear about the webinar through his portal? If so, so you know in which section? My kid says he couldn’t find any email that details this webinar and admissions hasn’t written me back.