He received an email with the links to register for the webinar.

Same here

Hey everyone! I wanted to suggest that you not put too much weight on what extent campuses will be open for fall. My son went through the decision process last year and we crossed that variable off the list because we didn’t want to make a long term choice based on short term circumstances. This year my daughter is going through her decision process. Things look a little better for this fall which is great but we aren’t out of the woods with COVID until everyone is vaccinated who wants to be, we have reached herd immunity and there is a good plan for new strains. That being said, college campuses just don’t really know what tomorrow will bring and things can change after you SIR. So, my two cents is to make a choice on best fit more than what is being proposed or announced regarding the campuses being open.



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Does anyone have an update from the 4/3 webinar? Thanks!

Hi everyone! I’m wondering how many people got the invite to the Scholars Program? I kind of want to know if everyone got it or just a few people?

Typo DD high school class 2017 not 19

I had emailed admissions and they had no idea what I was talking about, just said there was an admitted students webinar but nothing specific about fall reopening.

In related news , there was this today: Gov. Newsom gives date for when California will fully reopen


Thank you for posting @Gumbymom! Do they provide any additional clarity on waitlist by department, or just a total for the school. When calling the schools, they don’t know the breakdown of how many students are accepted by department.

No, the waitlist data does not show breakdown by department, major, in-state vs. OOS vs. International. Only the total admitted but also not the number that actually enroll.


FYI we were finally able to come out to Cali and visit UCSC, and we were so blown by the beauty of the campus. Can’t even describe what it’s like to walk trails in a redwood forest to class. And seeing Monterey Bay in the distance when you clear the forest is amazing. All the spring flowers were in full bloom, and the wildlife everywhere (deer, turkeys, etc). Alas, we did not see a banana slug though. Getting around town seems pretty easy with the various bus systems. Having easy access to the ocean is great. We located all the bubble tea places around town. The colleges on the east and north sides are all very close to one another (Cowell/Stevenson, Crown/Merrill, Nine/Ten. Shouldn’t be much of a problem walking to science classes (good exercise for you anyways). Kresge/Porter and Carson/Oakes are much easier for the arts area but also science hill for Kresge. Honestly, unless you are a slug (ha!), walking to classes shouldn’t be a hardship despite colleges being spread apart. And visiting friends / doing activities at different colleges shouldn’t be a chore. My son is really happy with his choice and can’t wait to shed his New York life.


Don’t call it Cali. It marks you as an outsider. :grinning:


I wonder if they got up to Frisco or not? :man_facepalming::laughing:


You know, I have never called it Cali before, but after my son got in, both of us have been seeing it online from purported Californians, so we thought, “Okay, I guess we should start calling it that!” :joy:

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No. I have never called it that.