UC Santa Cruz Class of 2027 Official Thread

Is it true that some applicants receive early notifications of their acceptance? Around February?


Son happened to be looking at his admission portal today, which states that some decisions will start coming out in late February, with all decisions sent by the end of March.

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Yes, that’s what the portal says.

My S was admitted on this day two years ago, so maybe we’ll be hearing very soon.


While we’re waiting, I wouldn’t mind any college admission jokes if anyone has any :slight_smile:

Why did the sun skip college?

It already had a million degrees…


Is there anything special about the February admits? Scholarships, high gaps, etc? Or is it just random?

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Previous years the early admits were high stat and scholarship recipients but last year, the admits were more random.


Do they release some decisions today or coming Monday?

The million dollar question since they have not given specific dates in several years.

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I asked ChatGPT to make up some Santa Cruz themed college admission jokes for me, but they were all so terrible!

Why did Sammy the Slug get rejected from UCSC?
He didn’t have enough trail mix in his diet.

Why did the UCSC student climb the redwood tree?
To get a better view of the acceptance letter being delivered.

How many UCSC students does it take to change a light bulb?
None, they’re too busy studying under the glow of the redwood trees.

Why did the UCSC student bring a saw to the admissions office?
He wanted to show the admission officer how “tree-mendous” he was.

Why did the UCSC student wear a backpack to the interview?
To show that he was always ready for a hike in the woods.

How do you know if a UCSC student is in the room?
Just look for the person wearing a tie-dye shirt and Birkenstock sandals.

Why did the UCSC student apply to the college on a whim?
Because he heard it was located in the “land of fruits and nuts.”



Quiet. Hopefully we don’t have to wait until Monday.

I don’t think UCs ever release over a weekend. Hopefully Monday, but at this point we are close to 3/15!

Check your portal. Decisions are in!


S23 got in for Biomolecular Eng and Bioinformatics


D was accepted for business management economics


D was accepted for Psychology. Happy day.


@M-Ham @Calik @pone can you please post the stats of the admitted students for future applicants and also if there were any mention of scholarships such as Regents.

Thank you.


My kid was admitted, too (engineering). UC capped GPA 4.24. What other stats do you want to see, @Gumbymom?

Where would a kid look for Regents or other information? There isn’t really an “admission letter” (or if there is, my kid didn’t see it).