UC Santa Cruz Class of 2027 Official Thread

D accepted
Unweighted gpa 4.0, weighted 4.52
major: business management economics
in state
lots of ECs, 6 APs completed, 4 in progress


Congratulations to those who have received admissions!

Unfortunately no update in DS’s portal.

Anyone else not hearing anything?

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are all early decisions out instate?

portal just says application recieved


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D23 accepted! CS: Game Design, OOS, 4.0UW/4.6WGPA, 16 years APs, 28 years a-g classes, Editor-in-Chief, founded two large clubs, varsity, part-time job, city volunteer award, no augmented reviews, 4th generation college student, no hooks whatsoever.


Not all this information is required but here is a template:

Merit scholarships awarded (if any):
Major (and division if applicable) applied to:
Calculate your GPAs with GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub
UC Unweighted GPA:
UC Capped Weighted GPA:
UC Fully Weighted GPA:

ELC (top 9% CA HS):

Comments about course load (including senior year):
Number of a-g courses:
Number of UC Approved Honors courses:
AP courses/exams (scores in parentheses):
IB courses/exams (score in parentheses):

Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):

Job/Work Experience:
Volunteer/Community service:
Summer Activities:

Personal Insight essays (details):

Supplemental/Augmented Review: Yes or No

State/location of HS (if domestic applicant):
Country (if international applicant):
Applied for need-based financial aid?
First Generation?

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S accepted
Unweighted gpa 3.9, weighted 4.3
Major: Biomolecular Eng and Bioinformatics.
In state


I don’t think you hear about scholarships for a few weeks. My son was admitted in February two years ago and he heard about a scholarship a few weeks later.


Only a small percentage of applicants will hear in February. The majority of decisions come out in March. Previous years, High stats and scholarship recipients would hear early but in recent years, it has become more random.

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I got in for psychology!! yay!! I’ll fill out the template later :slight_smile:


so all early decisions in feb are released or they roll out ?

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As noted by @M-Ham, scholarships may take awhile to show up in the student portal. To be honest, every year it changes for the UC’s so I thought I would ask.

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I am surprised at the number of accepts. We will hear more later today - as the kids come home from school.

Congrats to ALL that got in. Surely an early shot in the arm!


Number of a-g classes listed as years always amuses me… every time… even though I know it’s the way they do it :smile:

Congratulations to all the new admits! :tada: :tada:


Thanks! All the AP classes over the summers hopefully will pay off.

What does 28 years a-g mean?

no update for my DS either. He is Environmental Science UC capped 4.27, weighted 4.5. Lots of APs, honors and ECs.

When your son/daughter creates the UC application form, if you’re in-state, there’s an automated pull-down selection for UC-approved course categories. If you’re OOS, you need to find the best fit (i.e., D-Chemistry = Chemistry, F-Visual Arts = AP Art History, etc.).


It means the total number of a-g classes taken. Subject requirement (A-G) | UC Admissions


Did those that received decisions get an email about an update to your portal? Or did you just have to look in your portal for the update?