UC Santa Cruz Freshman Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

Don’t give up hope. My son was accepted to Computer Science via the waitlist last year. In State, Weighted capped UC GPA 4.21, Weighted uncapped UC GPA 4.55. Extremely high course rigor. Weak point may have been so/so ECs. It’s a tough wait, and I feel for you. But it can happen. UCSC took a lot of kids off the waitlist last year. Seems (although I didn’t see stats on this) quite a few of those were for CS. It’s a very impacted major and as other schools take up kids from their waitlists, it affects UCSC.


CS in state
4.35 UC capped
Rigorous schedule, ECs

Major, EC’s, HS course rigor etc… giving complete information will help other applicants for the next admission cycle.

Thank you.

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My daughter was waitlisted too. I’m guessing there is pent-up Covid demand from HS class of 2021 when many schools were still conducting learning via zoom. Is there any data available on %change of applications over last year and by school?

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4100+ increase in applicant’s.

Edited for correct table. https://www.ucop.edu/institutional-research-academic-planning/_files/factsheets/2021/table-1.1-freshman-applications-by-campus-and-residency.pdf

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3.7, around 12 EC’s too makeup for a lackluster performance in my Sophomore year. Waitlisted. Was unfortunately my #1 choice considering I knew I wouldn’t have a shot at Davis or Berkeley. Really hoping we’ll all get responses soon.

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Thanks! Is 2021 data for 2022 HS graduates?

Posted wrong table. Here is the correct table for 2022 grads.

Has anyone determined the housing implications for being admitted from the waitlist? If a late admit means no on-campus housing, that significantly changes our interest.

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I would contact admissions with this question and find out the current situation. UC’s guarantee all Freshman housing but if admitted off the waitlist, it may not be a students preferred choice.

I know housing has been an issue during Covid due to having to lower the capacity of the housing available and accommodating the additional students that deferred enrollment.


I suggest your student look into application webinars that UCSC hosts. These were very valuable to my D22 and you can ask live questions to admissions. My D20 attend UCSB webinars, which also helped her.

Thank you!

Portal is saying appeals are not available yet. Does that seem correct? Can never seem to get ahold of someone in admissions.

Sometimes it can take a couple of days before you can access the appeal portal. Maybe they have more decisions yet to post?

The appeal is not for waitlisted students. I guess we were confused.

Correct. UCSC changed their policy that you can no longer appeal if on the waitlist. You have to be rejected from the waitlist before you can appeal.

Does it say that on the website somewhere?

Yes I posted the information at top of this discussion.


No idea what the school policy is, but for what its worth, my child who got accepted off the waitlist last year still got first choice on-campus housing.