@eeee2618 CONGRATS!!

OOS but also got rejected. Not even mad abt the rejection, but why did they extend for like 2 months just for this., makes no sense. just frustrated with how Berkeley handles these things

For Fall 2020 everything is online at Berkeley. This decision was reached only recently (after weeks of proposing hybrid model and keeping things vague). Hence a lot of students are able to stay put wherever they are - international OOS or otherwise (saving at least $10k in the process as well). The decision resulted in lessened worries about travel, Covid or ICE. This must have translated to very low attrition. Berkeley held on to waitlist until they finalized the plan for Fall 2020 and watch for fallout if any. Declaring everything online cleared up confusion for a lot of people already committed and they didn’t have to take any hard decisions. However keeping waitlist open for so long was simply too much caution on part of Berkeley - the AO’s canned replies in recent open discussions did not help either.

This process has been an absolute dumpster fire. It’s malpractice to needlessly string students along for 4 months. Heartless.

If anyone from next years waitlist sees this you should probably just look at last year’s waitlist thread. This year was weird

…I received nothing? Is the waitlist over? Why does mine still have no updates

Yes the waitlist is officially over, it said in the email that it is closed. My portal never updated but I received the email

I never got an email or a portal change. It’s over with no update?

Weird that Berkeley never emailed me, like at all, never since the first waitlist entrance confirmation. No rejection even

i just got in

Hey, I just got waitlisted from Berkeley as well, but I applied to engineering. I’ve been waitlisted in 5 schools too and we have similar stats. I was wondering what happened? Did any of your waitlists work out?