UChicago, anyone?

<p>I was from Northeast Yucai School in Shenyang, China and an exchange student last year to the Episcopal Academy. This year I officially enrolled as a regular student (senior) at Episcopal.
I have a 3.88 GPA but since it is a hard core private school this is okay-ish.
I took Calculus BC(5), AP Chemistry(5), AP Physics B(5), Ethics, American History and American Literature last year.This year I am taking AP Physcis C, AP Biology and AP Statistics, British Literature and Foundations of Art(in order to graduate, I need art credits). I have a 2040 SAT I, 800 Math II, 800 Chemistry. I just took my first ACT this October and am taking another SAT I in November. I have a 111 TOEFL.
I have a few ECs (exchange, Student Council, Community Service, Teachers' Assistant, MUN, Robotics, JETS..etc)
I am applying EA to UChicago....I know my grades aren't perfect, or, rather low.. I hope I can get in..I really love the school.. anyone with me?</p>

<p>You still have a chance. By the way, how is your Nov. SAT? Not bad scores. Emphazie ECs.</p>