UCI Freshman Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

Now that UCI has begun posting decisions, I have started the Waitlist/Appeal discussion.

Below are some Waitlist stats from the last few years. Remember the # admitted varies from year to year.

No Waitlist data for 2021. CDS not posted.

Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list: 18621
Number accepting a place on the waiting list: 11081
Number of wait-listed students admitted: 2664

Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list-17018
Number accepting a place on the waiting list-8608
Number of wait-listed students admitted-1610

Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list-12522
Number accepting a place on the waiting list-6428
Number of wait-listed students admitted-136

Below is information about the appeal process and 2021 data:
UCI: Appeals Submitted 1,131
Admitted from Appeal 13

First-Year Selection Appeal

Upload the following items by April 15 and include student name and Application ID number on each sheet of materials submitted:

  • Letter of appeal clearly stating new and compelling information for appeal consideration, written and signed by the applicant
  • High school transcript from most recent term; please note the transcript must have course information and grades from fall semester of your senior year and any additional semesters available at the time of appeal
  • Other additional documentation (Letters of recommendation will not be considered as part of your appeal)

Please upload all documents for review at one time in your UCI Applicant Portal.

DS was waitlisted for Irvine (1st major: CE, 2nd major: EE). Does waitlisted mean waitlisted for either major or coming off the waitlist as undeclared? TIA!

You are waitlisted based on your 1st choice major but you can be admitted from the waitlist for either major or Undeclared. It depends upon where they have openings

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Thank you for your help!

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does UCI allow review of additional information for waitlisted applicants? Is the appeal the same as waitlist?

For waitlisted students, just follow the instructions to opt into the waitlist. They will not accept additional materials/documentation.

Appeals are only for a denial of admission and you cannot appeal while on the waitlist.

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Based on prior years stats, is the likelihood of coming off WL into a capped major (CS) similar to overall adnit/WL ratio ? Or do most WL admits get undeclared major ?

Wondering whether its even worth it to apply for WL (vs other options)

It really depends on where they have space. More than likely you will be admitted into your alternate or Undeclared. If UCI is a top choice there is nothing extra to do other than opt in and you can always opt out later if you change your mind.

Any idea on when waitlist decisions will be made? Are the majority made in May, with a few remaining for June and July?

Last year, some waitlist admits were notified around May 14. They closed the waitlist July 2.


Thanks for the insight. My D22, from Wash, DC area, has Northeastern U Honors Business acceptance w/significant merit $, however is hoping to be accepted to UCI from waitlist (or dream school - USC). Has 4.58W, 9 APs, all Honor classes, lots of ECs, graduated 1 yr early

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While we are on wait list of UCI being first choice,can we accept two other offers like one UC Davis and one could be CSULB.? If the wait list admission comes late how to get dorm? We are OOS from Mi

You can accept as many waitlists as you want. Regarding housing, Freshman are guaranteed housing but not all schools guarantee if admitted off the waitlist. I would contact each school and get confirmation.

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Thanks, my question is two offers of confirmed admissions?by 1st May or we can accept only one offer of admission while we are on UCI wait list?

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You can only SIR to one school by May 1 but be on multiple waitlists. Double depositing is unethical and if found out could result in acceptances being rescinded.

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Ok got it. Thanks so much

Anyone know if there is a way to submit Fall semester grades to UCI as a waitlisted student? S22 took his hardest classes this year and did well in the fall.

UCI does not accept any additional documentation other than opting into the waitlist.

From UCI Waitlist FAQ:

What is the waitlist? Do I have to do anything?

Applicants that have accepted a waitlist offer may potentially be admitted to UCI if there is space available. To accept your spot in our waitlist pool, please submit the Statement of Intent to Participate (SIP). We do not require a Letter of Continued Interest. We encourage you to accept an offer from another university while you await a status update from us.

How do I contact UCI Admissions to demonstrate my interest in being accepted off the waitlist?

Contacting our office by email or sending a letter of demonstrated interest will have no impact on your chances of being admitted from the waitlist. We highly encourage you to accept an offer from another university while you await a status update from us.

Does UCI admit you to the university first for the waitlist or do they admit you based on your primary/alternative major? And do they review your entire application again or is there some sort of ranking? Sorry for so many questions!

I got waitlisted for CS. UCI is my primary choice and I really want to study there.
What are the chances for getting off the waitlist for CS?
If I don’t get CS, will I be eligible for my alternate major that is CE?