UCLA Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion

Anyone else hoping that IVY day moves the needle on the waitlist?


It will. It always does.


Your question is an intriguing one, please explain the correlation between ivy day and UCLA waitlist. Do you mean more kids will opt in on the waitlist after hearing not so good news from the Ivies, especially this year when unprecedented number of applicants applied to the Ivies?

I think there will me more kids that opt in, but also more kids that opt out.
I also think that a good deal of UCLA accepted students may decline offer of admission based on acceptance to an Ivy.

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From what I have seen on ZeeMee (college social media app) it looks as if a good amount of the kids who have gotten into UCLA are also getting into/committing to ivies and higher ranked schools. I have also seen a lot more kids stating that they are declining offers bc of financial reasons


Nice to learn! Thank you - Are they declining ivies and higher ranked schools? or UCLA?

I dreamt last night that there was an acceptance email this morning…There was not. :pensive:


Waitlist articles I’ve seen paint a very slim chance of a picture this year. Wall Street Journal article explained how the influx of applications lowered the admittance rate by nearly half for the Ivy Leagues which trickles down to places like UCLA. From there even more dismal explaining that the Fall 2020 admits from the waitlist was unusually high due to GAP year students due to COVID.
Very disappointing!

Oh no. Really?

wait so what does this mean

I don’t honestly know. Truly no one does but it makes sense. I tried to cut and paste the article here but was unable to. the article was written by Douglas Belkin = dou.belkin@wsj.com

Thanks… only time will tell I guess.

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It seems as though a lot are declining UCLA and either going to Ivies or going to state schools that are cheaper. It seems as though the cost of attendance will also play a big role this year due to financial instability for many due to COVID.

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Where are you guys enrolling as of now?

D is enrolling at William and Mary.

S is enrolling at Berkeley but UCLA remains his #1 choice.

S21 is enrolling at UCSD.

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do u guys think instate has a decent chance this year?

Looks like it’s going to be a tough go for in state if you are not in their target demographic for achieving equity and diversity. From LA Times…

Lynda McGee, college counselor at Downtown Magnets High, said she’d been happily stunned that 17 of her students had been admitted to Berkeley — well above the five to eight who usually get in. UCLA has admitted 16 students at University High School Charter, more than double the number last year, said college counselor Paula Van Norden.

I don’t know about downtown magnet but I know university high is not a high achieving academic school.

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UCSD but hope to get off the ucla or uci waitlist.